Thursday, August 18, 2022

Maclay Welcome Back Faculty Art Show

I received and email over the summer from our Advancement office and they wanted to offer a Faculty Art Show for our kick off to the School year of 22-23. I must admit, I work at a way super cool place. Yes, Maclay supports the arts and we have the most talented faculty and staff hands down over any school around. Looking to figure out how to set this in place at your school? See below.

How did this happen? The email below was sent to our faculty and staff over the summer.

Good afternoon,

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.  I am excited to write each of you today to invite you to participate in our first Faculty & Staff Art Exhibition in the Beck Family Innovation Center Gallery.  We are excited to begin the new school year in this gallery space with an exhibition of the artwork of our faculty and staff which is planned to run from early August through October 2022.

This exhibition is inclusive of all mediums, we would welcome your work in any area – from painting, to photography, mixed media, fiber, ceramics, needlepoint, etc.  We are so excited to show the variety of talent and creativity on our campus.

I have put a few notes about the show below.  If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out by either email or phone (number below).

Exhibition Details:

  • Pieces will be dropped off to the Beck Family Innovation Center Gallery on Tuesday August 2nd (by 10:30 am).  If this time is not convenient, we can work to determine an alternate delivery time the day prior.
  • Artwork can be created for this show, or you can show something you’ve made in the past, all entries are welcome.
  • If you are interested in participating and plan to bring your artwork, please just reply to this email with the following:
    • Brief description of the pieces
    • Title for the piece (if applicable), year completed
    • Medium
    • Note if there is any specific need for hanging or showing the work.  We have some pedestals available and will plan to accommodate each piece in the best way possible.
  • We will plan to celebrate this exhibition with a reception during Pre-Planning week (details to follow).

We are so looking forward to this exhibition and to showing your wonderful pieces as we come back together for the new school year.

Looking forward to being in touch with you all on this more soon!

This is from our school's Facebook post during pre-planning: Wednesday evening, we welcomed back all our faculty and staff with a dinner along with our Faculty First Art Exhibition honoring the talented artists we work with everyday. Nearly 30 faculty and staff contributed pieces to the exhibition which will be on display in the Beck Family Innovation Center Art Gallery for the next two months. When you’re on campus next week, be sure to stop by and visit the gallery - and don’t forget coffee and spirit gear at TruBru next door. #MarauderWelcome #truebluemaclay

This email was sent to faculty from our Advancement Office:

Good afternoon,

We are so looking forward to having your artwork included in the first Faculty Art Exhibition. Thank you so very much for your willingness to be involved and to share your art in this show!

I just wanted to touch base regarding dropping off the pieces.  Some of you have already connected with me and brought your piece by which is great.  If you have yet to drop off your artwork, we will be in the Beck Family Innovation Center Gallery accepting pieces tomorrow morning anytime from 8:30 – 10:30 am.  If you would like to bring your piece before or after this window, please just send me an email or feel free to reach out by cell (below) and let me know what is most convenient for you. 

If it’s possible for you, we would love to have everything delivered before lunch tomorrow, but if you need to bring the piece tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning, just let me know and we will be looking forward receiving it at that time!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any thoughts, questions, or concerns.  Again – we are so excited about this exhibition and to seeing all of this remarkable artwork together this week!

This reminder email was sent to faculty from our Advancement Office:

Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to send a quick follow up reminder about the upcoming Faculty Art Show (original email and details are below).  We are so excited to see all of your artwork and to have this exhibition open the school year in the Beck Family Innovation Center Gallery. 


If you are considering sharing a piece for the exhibition, we would love to have as many of our faculty and staff represented as possible.  We are thrilled to have a wonderful variety of pieces in the show already ranging from photography, needlepoint, knitting, painting, mixed media, etc. and would love to include more.  Please just send me a quick note if you are interested in participating and we will plan for your piece(s) to be included.


Just a few reminders – we will need all pieces delivered by Tuesday, August 2nd and will all be gathering to see the work and visit the show together for appetizers and drinks prior to the Faculty and Staff Back to School Dinner on Wednesday, August 3rd.


So looking forward to seeing you all and to celebrating the wonderful creativity of our colleagues all together!


The above piece was my submission. Here is the write up I sent in for the description:

Kim Daniel, Kitchen Window

This photo was taken on July 13, 2022 of Urquhart Castle. Urquhart Castle's ruins, one of the largest in Scotland, are situated on a headland with panoramic views overlooking Loch Ness - it's iconic and there is simply nothing quite like it. The Ruins of Urquhart Castle are said to be over 1,000 years old and date back to the 13th century. It was built on the foundations of an early Medieval fortification. This photo was taken in the kitchen and appropriately named, Kitchen Window.

I grew up in my family’s printing company business. Which meant that I had access to developing my own film in our well-equipped dark room. This is a process that is not used much these days with the advancement of digital photography, but it began my love of photography. 

This piece hits home for more than one reason. I took it on our trip to Scotland this past summer and in a few short days MF will start her next journey into post graduate work of Culinary School!

Cathy Hicks submitted this piece and it is actually a color photo. The more we cropped it the different vibe we got from each picture, so I decided to share both!

As I head into my 32 year of teaching, I look around and feel blessed to work at MAclay and have such awesome faculty and staff that surround me and support the arts! Here is to a stellar year of 2022-2023...stay tuned for more blog post of the Adventures of MF and 1969 (an alum of Maclay) and more art work from our students and 4 Visual Arts Teachers!

Creatively, 1969


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