Monday, May 23, 2022

The BEST Pull String Art EVA!

Nothing like Pull String Art for Middle School!  I love this project.  The process is fun and the outcome is fabulous!  

I found it on Ms. Amsler's Artroom Blog.  Click HERE to go to her project!  Ms.  Amsler was just named Middle Level Art Educator of the Year, 2022, in Topsfield, MA.  Thanks to Ms. Amsler for her great post that inspired my lesson!

I looked all over online for pull string art that was made into more art.  I COULD NOT FIND ANY EXAMPLES ANYWHERE.  BUT, THERE ARE EXAMPLES NOW!


Kids make pull string prints.
I showed this video from Ms. Amsler and I LOVE IT!

Here is the most important detail about this project.

Let the kids do a few pull string prints.
Then, make the kids pick the print they like the best.
Once they have chosen their favorite pull string print, each student should stand up and hold the print high in the air for the entire class to see.  The classmates make suggestions of what the string art could be made into.  Once the students give suggestions, the artist of the pull string print finishes the project!


💓, 1965


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