Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Elaine Cochran Memorial Art Award

Check out this link to learn more about our first juried art exhibition. Come Together US Art Show Opening This was a heart smile for me as we were able to recognize my very sweet mama. You see my mama loved arts and crafts. She was always dabbling in different mediums. She support 1965 and I crazy artsy ideas.

Logan she would have loved your style of art. She like bright colors.
When left brain attends the opening with you to support your art department! Thanks, Dan! Mom ("GA") would have loved you being there to represent!
Katherine the detail in your ceramic piece was unbelievable. My mom would have been amazed at your craftsmanship. She was all about the details.


Elaine Cochran Memorial Award 

This award is chosen by the juror and recognizes artistic excellence and vision in a piece of work included in the exhibition. 

2022 Awardees: Logan K. Albritton, Most Dope & Katherine Gorkov, Darling Madeline 


Marauder Inspiration Award       

This award is chosen by the juror and recognizes artistic excellence and vision in a piece of work included in the exhibition by a student who attended Maclay in all three School Divisions.   

2022 Awardee: Maria Boulos, Child Thoughts 


Purchase Award 

This award is chosen in consultation with the juror.  The monetary award goes to a student whose work is chosen to be included in the School’s permanent art collection.  Pieces in the collection remain on view permanently in the school and can be used to compile future gallery exhibitions.  Selected artists will have opted in to their piece potentially being chosen for this award. 

2022 Awardee: Sarah Caulley Soto, Distortion & Warped Reality 


Elaine Cochran - $250 x 2

Marauder for Life - $250 

Purchase Award - $500 


Here is a little more about my mom: (Elaine Cochran, aka "GA")

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What a whirlwind of a year I have had. Feeling very blessed to know that my mom's legacy and love for the arts lives on at Maclay School. Huge shout out to all that made this art show happen. 


  1. I absolutely loved your Momma. This is so fitting! WB

    1. Awe, we feel the same way! Thanks for stopping by =)