Friday, April 1, 2022

Grandparents' Day Project

We are having Grandparents’ Day on Friday, April 29.  Yes, I know it is supposed to be on September 11, but at The Westfield School, we prefer a nice spring day!

We are having the grandparents come on campus.  We are going to have tables set up outside to see student work and meet the teacher.  After the meet and greet, we are going to have a brunch!  The grandparents will get their lunch and head to the quad.  We have scheduled a DJ and the grandparents that like to sing will have the option of doing karaoke with their grandkids.  

Why are we doing it this way?  We figure staying outside is staying safe.  We do not want to be know at the super spreader school.

This project was an ordeal.  It required a little help from my friends.  The kids spent 3 forty minute art class periods on this project.  

I made this template.👈

I gave them some pictures of grandparents as a reference.  👇

They drew and labeled the grandparents.👇 

I shrank it down on printer.  45% was the reduction percentage.

Each kid had 4, so I had to cut them down and laminated.  The grid board was a huge help!

I put the big laminator pocket in the laminator.  The laminator pocket was 10ml thick and the size was “menu”.  On some days, these big pocket laminator pockets are hard to find.  The brand was GBC and I got them off of Amazon.

Who says artists aren’t organized?

The orange hole punch below is awesome!

If I had to use the silver hole punch, I would give up.  It hurts your hand.

Once we got the holes punched, we looped pipe cleaners through the little art.

When the kids came to class, they beaded with our school colors.  The younger kids needed help with looping at the end.  The older ones thought looping it was a piece of cake.


If I were a Grandy or Grampy, I would love this little gift from my grandkids.  You could hang it on the kitchen cabinet, the doorknob, the car or truck, the Christmas tree, or just whatever and wherever.  

This really was an undertaking.  I was not so sure that I could do it, but I had a little help from my friends. Nothing like working together and accomplishing a goal with your buddies.  I work with some pretty good folks.  (Don’t tell them that I said that.  They will think that I like them!)

❤, 1965


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