Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Gina Kirlew Art Makes the Kids Giggle

I ran across Gina Kirlew on Instagram!  

Here is a link to her website:  Click HERE for Gina Kirlew page!

Gina says on her website, “Hi! I’m Gina Kirlew! I’m a cheery artist who can often be found creating bright, colorful art with a smile on my face. I love traveling to new places, speaking German, reading & drawing indie comics/zines, watching sci-fi & dystopian tv series/movies, dancing to stay fit and painting adorable pictures of food with happy faces. I’m a native New Yorker of Jamaican descent and currently live in Atlanta, GA.”

If you are looking for a current artist doing fun stuff, have a look into Gina Kirlew!

Here are my middle schooler's take on Gina Kirlew ART!

💚, 1965


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