Friday, May 22, 2020

Distant Learning - Choice Board Week 7: Eye Installation

I am now in week 9 of my Distance Learning lessons. We have submitted our grades for Q4. These were completed a few weeks ago. I think the lesson is self explanatory. I hope this will help someone else needing a lesson to have several examples for references. I am proud of the way my students showed up for this choice! Enjoy...

How did we get a handle on Distance Learning and how to teach art, you ask? Well, we looked to our Online Art Teacher Friends. Yes, they are in our #PLN. (Personal Learning Network) I need for each of you reading this to know that art teachers are unbelievably gracious at sharing and lending a helping hand. These groups online have been pivotal in me making a fluid transition from on campus art to online art. I can't name everyone who I have "borrowed" lessons from throughout this process so I just wanted to do a blanket statement here. YOU ALL ARE THE BOMBDIGGITY!!!! 

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