Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jim Dine & Brene Brown (Summer Art Lesson Post and Summer Reading)

I have committed to reading 30 books this year.  And, I do love a good goal. So, I am posting a little fun art lesson from last school year and a super good book that I highly recommend. 
Have you heard of Brene Brown? If not, check out her website:
A friend suggested that I do a deep dive in reading the book Dare To Lead. So I did! Well, I listened to it as I drove to Memphis. Have you read it? It is so so so good, but jammed packed with lots of information. I found myself wanting to pull over and write things down. 
2 things are for sure in my career...

1 I love to do art with kids
2 I love to GROW in my job

As an artist, I know I need to feed my mind, body and soul with good stuff! I think I am on the right track here.
Check out our other blog post on Jim Dine:

Yeah, kids just love the freedom to paint. You can tell by these hearts.
When was the last time you just painted for the sake of painting?
Me, last week. And, get this - the title of my painting is 
"Own Your Crazy" - fitting these days for me =)

Ok, I also made another goal as a recent empty nester. I plan to create 30 original pieces of art this year. Stay tuned for that post! It should be a good one. Thanks Brene for the information on leadership. You are amazing and I know this book will help to grow our Visual Arts Department...Appreciate it! 

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