Thursday, April 25, 2019

COTA Class And A Photo Backdrop For Maclay Morning With Moms

"COTA," or Community Outreach Through The Arts challenges students to examine their community and its needs, then address those needs through arts initiatives. Students will collaborate to create art projects that directly and positively impact both the Maclay and Tallahassee communities. This class seeks to ingrain a spirit of service and empathy fitting of a Maclay Maraurder. It will be a chance to make a creative and artist impact on the community and have fun while doing it.

Our class has reached out and helped many different facets throughout the year. This time it was for MPO in LS for their Morning with Moms. We created a photo booth back drop. Check it out!

We do love some of the traditions here at Maclay... Take a look on the video clips below!

This was amazing. Such a fabulous event check it out for our Veterans!

A snip it if you will of our Maclay Middle School

Sean Hayes makes me laugh ERRRRRY Time I hear this!
To all the Moms whether it is at Morning with Moms or just a shout out for all you for not only for your families but for everyone else you take care of....we appreciate it!

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