Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Ladybug Love!

The Ladybug Project was a fun one for FiRsT GraDe!


I had a little prep work to do.  I cut tissue paper into small squares. (2" x 2")
I used cool colors.
The kids painted water on their 11" x 11" paper.
Then, they placed tissue paper squares down on their paper.
Then, they painted water on top of the tissue paper squares.
These made a big mess and the cleaning lady was not real cheerful to me.

The following week, we shook the tissue papers off!  Now, this was fun!  Once again, the cleaning lady was not real cheerful to me.

Once the tissue paper was off, we began the ladybug assemblage.  They cut shapes, dotted bugs, and drew mouths with white oil pastel.  They made antennae.  I hot glued the antenna and eyes.  Hot gluing is my favorite thing to do. 😡


Shake, Shake, Shake, 
Shake, Shake, Shake,
Shake Your Paper Over the Trash Can so the cleaning lady will be cheerful to me.


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