Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Spray Paint and Kitty Cats!

How do you like these nice kitties😻😺😼?  These kitties were a takeoff on Minhau Street Artist in London's cat 😸.  

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So how to make the kitty?

I took the 4th graders on a field trip outside.
I gave them cans of spray paint.
They all swapped paint around and painted their paper.
Boy, did they love spray painting!

The next week, they begin drawing their Minhau cat🐈.
They painted with acrylic.
Of course, they outlined to make the kitties🐈🐈 pop!

Great start to 4th grade.
Some of the kids👦👦👦👧👧👧 had never spray painted.
A treat, indeed!

Why does the kitty above look so mean and have such long teeth?  I can't explain.  RJ is just a funny kid and obviously has a pretty cool imagination.


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