Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Turkey, A Fall Art Project

Once again, I have managed to goof up an art project.  Of course, we "un-goofed" it, but my oh my, was it a mess!

I will have to explain the process for you to understand why this project was such a debacle.

For starters, this was one of those projects that my friend, Laura Harrison, would say that I did not completely think out.  Yes, I would agree.  I often just "plunge" into things without thoroughly considering the results.

The second graders were headed my way in about 20 minutes.  I had been thinking for days about possible art projects, but I was not happy with my thoughts.  Suddenly, I remembered the kids really liking painting with forks.  I considered it possible for them to drag paint with forks and make them look like feathers.

I quickly squeezed out orange, red, and yellow paint onto plates.  The kids arrived and I explained that they would be using the fork to dip the paint and pull the paint around on the paper.  Well, you know how sometimes kids get confused with the teacher's instructions. (ha) Funny thing, ALL the kids mixed the 3 colors on their plate to get orange.  Obviously, I said something about mixing the colors on the plate.  I am still not sure when that popped out, but it did.

Once they mixed the colors on the plate, we had orange.  I had them scoop it up with the forks and put blobs on their paper.  They dragged the blobs and I tried to explain that I wanted them to drag the blobs in the shape of feathers.  They did not understand.  As a matter of fact, you probably do not understand either.

They left.  I was left with orange blobs with fork streaks running through them.  Oh boy.

Next Week...

The kids came.
I had strips of painted paper.
They cut feathers and glued them down on the orange fork blobs that were supposed to resemble feathers.
They cut a head, beak, body, wattles, and feet.
They glued the turkey body and parts on the paper.
I hot glued eyes to our turkey friends.

I tell you, this was one of the years big messes.  It started off a hot mess.  It ended up a hot mess.  

We had paper everywhere in the art room.  Unlike me, I was a bit stressed out for a moment.  Then, I looked around and saw kids everywhere talking to each other.  They were coming over chatting it up with me.  I quickly de-stressed because there was just so much happiness around me.

Have a look at one of those things in life that I jump into without thinking.  Luckily, this one turned out pretty good.

The song "No Rain" by Blind Melon has nothing to do with turkeys.  It is not much about rain either, but I like it.  I like the bee-bee girl's dancing.


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