Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Maclay's Celebration Of The Arts And All The Links For 2022


Please check out all the links for all the things in our COTA 2022! It was an exciting time for us all on and off campus. Mark your calendars for COTA will be combined with our Maclay Grandpeoples Day. Stay tuned for the dates and more information.

Creatively, 1969


COTA 2022 Photography Opportunity Created By Sarah Painter 

Celebration Of The Arts - Music Garden Created by Timmonds Ross For His Eagle Scout Project  

Celebration of the Arts - 6th Grade Space Exploration Exhibit (Part 1)  

Celebration of the Arts - 6th Grade Space Exploration Exhibit / Project Based Learning STEAM Installation (Part 2) 

Come Together US Art Show Opening  

Elaine Cochran Memorial Art Award  

COTA 2022 Faculty Paint Party With Logan K Albritton 

Maclay's Pre-K Always Displays An Awesome Art Show During our COTA Celebration (Part 1) 

Our Maclay Pre-K Creates Amazing Art For Their Art Show During Our Celebration Of The Arts (Part 2)  

Maclay's Pre-K Art Engages Children's Senses In Open-Ended Play And Supports Cognitive Developement (Part 3 /COTA2022) 

Lower School's Artome Art Show Always a Success! (COTA2022)  

Celebration Of The Arts 2022 - Wellness Walk  

Celebration of the Arts 2022 - Performances 

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