Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Celebration of the Arts - 6th Grade Space Exploration Exhibit / Project Based Learning STEAM Installation (Part 2)

Here is Post 2 on this hands on exhibit. I have to give credit to the 6th grade teachers. They jumped right in with the UBD thinking process to create this STEAM Installation. What is UbD / Understanding by Design framework?
The Understanding by Design® framework (UbD™ framework) offers a planning process and structure to guide individualized curriculum, assessment, and instruction. You could see from Post 1 how successful this project based learning show was. Kudos to the teachers because this was a ton of work on their part. They built the excitement for the students and you can tell from these pictures how much hands on learning took place. With the UbD, the teachers saw what they wanted in the end result for this exhibition and just worked backwards to make it happen. Wow, I am so impressed with it all!
Here is more on the UbD idea: UbD in a Nutshell
Check out all of the Design Thinking of our students. This is a sign of a great group of teachers to be able to produce such critical thinking products. I am so glad that this is part of our Celebration of the Arts. I am looking forward to next year to see what they produce.
What is Design thinking? And why is it important in the classroom?

In a nutshell, design thinking is a way to define and solve tough challenges. It focuses heavily on rapid prototype solutions and learning from mistakes. In education, a design thinking curriculum immerses students and teachers (i.e., the designers) in real-world problem solving.

Yes, this Project Based Learning STEAM Installation nailed what Design Thinking is, don't you think? Scroll on down to see some of the amazing pieces.

Shout out to our 6th grade team for all of this work. I am grateful to you all for being a part of such a cool Exhibit! Special thanks to our Administration for supporting the Fine Arts! Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!

Happy Summer Folks! 1969

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