Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Celebration of the Arts - 6th Grade Space Exploration Exhibit (Part 1)

Celebration of the Arts - 6th Grade Space Exploration Exhibit (Part 1) There were so many pictures and ideas from this STEAM Installation that I wanted to share as many photos as I could. Thanks to my friend, Cameron for taking lots of pictures!
This 6th grade Team is amazing. Each year they have a Space Exhibit to show Project Based Learning with a Theme. Every year it grows and gets better and better. This exhibit is an added bonus to our annual Celebration Of The Arts. Each project was a Design Thinking process. Students acquiring design thinking skills are able to identify and develop innovative and creative solutions to problems as and when they face them. Students transform as optimistic, empathetic, and smart working members of the society who can solve complex challenges of the coming future.
See the links below to see past post on this Installation:
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Why Design Thinking Should Be Taught in Primary, Elementary & Middle Schools
Thank you to our 6th grade team for collaborating with us and to our Maclay Administration for supporting the Fine Arts! Stay tuned for more information on COTA 2022
Hope you all find this helpful, 1969


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