Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Mary Proctor says..."I RefuseTo Let Hate Live In My Garden!" We agree with her. Do you?

When you are running a summer camp and you realize you have left over acrylic paint at the end of each day...what do you do? Well, we created a Mary Proctor style collaborative piece of art. See here for the summer camp details: 1965 was in Tally town. We decided to make a trip to see our friend Mary Proctor. Do you know of her? If not, check her out. You will love her style.

Our campers were working on different lessons and we realized we would have left over acrylic paint. We decided to make a collaborative art project. Each student would get a copy of this ornament. We would print out in color and laminate. Add wire and beads for a fun mini wall hanging.

                                            This is how it started.
                    How we got student art home at the end of the week.
                                        Our visit to see Mary Proctor
                                        Don't you just love her style.
                                Yes, we may have purchased a thing or 2 ;)
                                        Look at Mary. She is a hoot!
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                                                1969 and 1965

                           Here is the laminated product. Cute, right?

Learn more about Mary Proctor:
More post to come on last summer's art check back in with us!

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