Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

S W E E T! W A T E R M E L O N S!

This is an easy lesson on Diego Rivera.  Also, you can get a plug in for Frida Kahlo.

Here is one of Diego Rivera's last works. (or so they say)  According to my findings, he completed this art in 1957 and he died in 1957.

The Watermelons
Oil on Canvas, 1957
Museum Dolores Olmedo Patiño
Below, you will find a third grade take on Rivera's watermelons.

In our part of the country, watermelons are a big summertime crop.  Every kid has eaten a watermelon.  What better way to get a art project going than to talk about Diego Rivera and his watermelons!
So, I showed the read aloud book from YouTube.  This is a great book by Duncan Tonatiuh.  Check it out!  Great artwork!

The Art Project?
First, they blocked off a portion of Rivera's painting.  Then, they drew with a pencil.  Next, they outlined with oil pastel.  The last thing that they did was paint with watercolor.  I told them to be creative.  Many chose to paint with colors other than green and red. 


As many of you know, it is very hard to get kids to draw big.  I was so proud of my third graders for their hard work and determination to get their melons LARGE!
Here is a song about watermelons by Tracy Byrd (released in 1994).  For the record, I am not really into country, but the song is pretty sweet!


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