Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fly Away Old Art Supplies...In the form of a Butterfly!

The Butterfly Project-

Was it written on my lesson plans? No 
Were the supplies purchased for this specific project months in advance? No
Was it typed into curriculum tracking online website? No   

Was it planned 5 minutes before class showed up? Yes
Was it fun for kids? Yes
Did the lesson make kids think critically and enjoy the process? Yes

Honestly, I just decided last minute that I did not like my 2nd grade plan.  I walked in the supply room and just stood and looked.  I share the supply room with the high school art teacher.  I must say, the room is looking pretty much like a yard sale gone bad with a few nice packs of construction paper left at this point in the school year.

I saw a 6 pack of finger paint that had been donated.  I thought, well that is fun.  Took it back to the classroom and thought Ink Blot BUTTERFLY. 

Get 18 x 24 paper
Fold the paper in half
Talk a little about symmetry (oh yeah, 2nd Grade classroom teachers will like)
Kids drew what they thought half the butterfly would look like
(loved this part because kids were engaged in a risk-free problem solving situation)
We looked at each other's half a butterfly and encouraged one another
Kids then put the finger paint on half of the butterfly
They folded
Some did not like results
They re-applied paint
And folded again
Very successful project
After the butterflies dried, we outlined with oil pastel. 
Then, we used old donated ribbon from the yard sale gone bad.

The last thing?  Just hot glue the antennae on (pipe cleaner) and twist away!
This is funny
Adeline's butterfly evolving

Seriously, I thought that I had never seen such a mess!

Here are 2 messes.  One is the butterfly mess.  The other is the
HOT MESS, Adeline!  Love her!

Here is Adeline's butterfly made with the yard sale gone bad supplies. 

More butterflies for your viewing pleasure-

Butterflies reminds me of "Fly Away"
The song by Lenny Kravitz
U know Lenny?
He is Roxy Roker's son.
Who is Roxy Roker?
Remember the sitcom The Jeffersons?

Cool, huh?
Cool Lenny singing below-


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