Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Sunday, January 31, 2010

tie "unproject" art project

by karen #1965 3rd grade teacher my kids know that i like tie dye.our classroom is a 60s theme.we have 6 lava lamps cooking in it everyday.we even have a helper in charge of just turning the lava lamps on and, in the beginning of the year (august 2009), they started getting baby wipes and paper towels and making their own tie dye.the kids have to read in free time during monday-thursday, but on friday...oh my...friday is free art day.the kids do art all day during free time...friday has a specialness about it...i love friday muchly.i love art, i put them together to day full of muchliness happiness!sure, lots of teachers would not like the up and down...or the noise...but, i do not mind............on the day i was giving a spelling test, i said, "18. process.there is a process to making cheese." (now that i think of it, it was a stupid sentence)...and one of my spunky little girls said, "there is a process of making tie dye." a classroom, there are always connections being made.i liked this connection that my spunky little girl made....we don't need no education.we don't need no thought dark sarcasm in the classroom.teachers, leave those kids alone!(pink floyd, 1979)happy january 31 1/2!

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  1. Hey #1965 - I love tie dye! What fun! Your 3rd graders are lucky to have you!