Wednesday, September 27, 2023

1 Point Perspective Project with Surrealism

Middle School did a great job with these Surreal One-Point Perspectives AND learned about Salvador Dali!

How did this go down?

Days 1-3

Show YouTube Video 1: "6th Grade Art:  One-Point Perspective Room Drawing"

Kids get the BASIC 1-Point Perspective Room drawn

Days 4-6

Show YouTube Video 2:  "Salvador Dali for Kids!  Art History for Kids" Click HERE for Salvador Dali Bio

Show YouTube Video 3:  "What is Surrealism?  Tate Kids" Click HERE for Link for Talk about Surrealism

Kids begin drawing surrealism objects in their 1-point perspective project.  

Kids need to add at least 5 objects that are using surrealism in the room.


 💜, 1965

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