Thursday, December 8, 2022

Winterfest 2022 Was A Success

What is this event? Tallahassee’s traditions tantalize with the music and art of its community members on display. Most may know of the local bands and artists performing on the downtown stages or the annual holiday show at Imagination Fountain in Cascade Park at the festival.

Still, one of this event’s hidden gems has captivated the hearts of local art educators for years, the Winter Festival’s Youth Art Exhibition at City Hall. Scroll down to see more of the event specifics and our participants.

This is a highlight of our fall art shows. This show is In conjunction with the Winter Festival festivities downtown, COCA curates a juried exhibition of student artwork, the Winter Festival Youth Art Exhibition, at the City Hall art gallery and on our virtual gallery space. The show exhibits artwork of students age K-12 from public, private, and charter schools.
We have blogged on this event in the past. Check the links below:
Winterfest Participation at Maclay School (COCA Council on Culture and Arts)
All 6 of our participants are fantastic artists! We are very glad that we were allowed to show their work to our community. Special thanks to to Maclay Administration for being a huge supporter of the arts. We missed K. Dressel on this night as she was catching a plane out of town. But, her students represented well!

Congratulations to Maria for her 2nd place award and it was well deserved for such a stellar young artist. Glad to see she is still doing art as she was always in middle school art club!

Here is Mary with her 2nd place award. I am super happy to have this right brained artist in my class. She is amazing and not only does she think outside the box...she thinks as if there was no box at all!

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