Friday, December 10, 2021

Dish Towels - Sublimation Paper, Logos, Printmaking, Student Art

Well, we figured this out...How did this get started? Last year a friend gave me a dish towel with a Santa on it. True Story. I liked the dish towel so much I purchased 4 more. Ok, this friend is Stacey with an E. She was my daughter's PK-4 teacher. And, we have been friends ever since! Stacey has a daughter named Liz. I taught Liz art in lower school. Liz is super talented. You can find her on Instagram at Penny Lane Press. Liz has a business, so you should look her up.

Liz had no idea I would be asking 1000 questions on dish towels for the following year. Moving forward, Cathy and I taught a Printmaking Palooza Level Up Class after school at Maclay. We were determined this would be a cool unit for us to teach. So, we did our research. Bought the press and sublimation paper. Needless to say, we have had a blast with this. I guess the student became the teacher.

This is a photo from the Georgia Fair - we had to flip the picture to have the words turn out correctly. Trial and error folks - Trial and error =)
This is what I mean by flip the image. Shhhh maybe 1965 won't look at this today. This is going in her Christmas goody bag with the homemade red pepper jelly.
This duck we took a photo of at the Georgia Fair. I liked it so much. I make meme's of the duck all the time to send friends for giggles. Happy Birthday, 1965! (How do you create a Meme?)
This was taken this year of 1969's daughter and Soul Sister's Dad. They went to the fair and had a caricature drawn.
Yes, you can print and cut shapes out of the sublimation paper.
We are patriotic. Love the flag. So, we decided to try a Jasper Johns piece found online.

This cute puppy was drawn on a dry erase board like 10+ years ago. Cathy's son created it. Thank goodness she took a photo of it. We printed. Cut it out and pressed it on.
Logo for my sister in law's farm.
We have a thing going on with Tambourines. Will share all that in future blogs. Stay tuned, but we took kid art and put them on these dish towels.

This was created in our printmaking palooza class. EEEEEk - they are so cool! To learn more about the sublimation paper and heat press follow the link below:

Heat Press Nation

 Hope this inspires you the way it did us (Kim and Cathy)
Happy Campers we are and a big thank you to Liz at Penny Lane Press for guiding our creative chaos!