Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Messy James Rizzi Project

Who doesn't 💙 James Rizzi?  The 2 Soul Sisters and EVEN their friends LOVE James Rizzi!  Click HERE for James Rizzi Post from our past blog posts
James Rizzi passed away in 2011, but we are still creating art based on his fun style.  


I showed a few videos on Rizzi.  There are some pretty good ones.  I think we have links on previous posts.  Here is one Click HERE for James Rizzi Video
I talked a little about Rizzi.
I showed some of his work.

The first think the kids did was paint bubble wrap and put it on paper.  They loved making the bubble prints.
On the following week, I gave the kids lots of Rizzi artwork copies and told them to choose their favorites and make a collage on the printed paper.
Also, we used a little construction paper, stencils, or whatever else that they got a hankering to use.

This was a fun project for the fourth grade kids to get creative and make a large mess!


 💚, 1965

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