Monday, January 18, 2021

Emotion Sculptures (Clay Pinch Pots with Feelings)

So, about a year ago, I ran across this lesson and thought it was worth the shot! It did not disappointed. I found this idea here 

Cheryl Trowbridge did a fabulous job of writing it up! Just check out the link above for all of the details. At our school, we have been charged with a an eMpathy and Wellness initiative.  This lesson fit right into our strategic curricular plans. 

Seriously, how do each of these make you feel? Each one looks different. After we made these, my school went to total distance learning. With that pivot, we were never able to do the follow up on the lesson. I wanted the students to write about the emotion that their feeling sculptures had. I am hoping next year school year that I will be able to do this with my 6th grade.
Crazy thing, as I was photographing these for this post - the way you photograph them evokes different emotions. Lots of ideas ooze from this lesson!
Thanks Cheryl for the idea and to you all for dropping by!

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