Monday, March 12, 2018

Who Are YOU?

I ran across this awesome project on YouTube from Mr. Schuette's art class.  The Silhouette Identity Project!  I fell in ❤ with it!   Check it out!  Thanks Mr. Schuette for sharing such an awesome project!

How did this all go down?


I showed Mr. Schuette's video.
I gave the kids an 18 x 24 sheet of paper.  (I would recommend using a smaller sheet of paper)
The kids taped their paper to the marker board and I turned on the projector.  When they stood in front of the marker board, the projector made a perfect silhouette.
They lightly traced their silhouette.
Then, they went over the silhouette with thick marker.
They took a few days to pencil in designs.  I encouraged them to make their project about themselves. They used their phones to view logos and such.  Also, they used rulers and tracers for lines and circles.
Once they got their basic ideas down, they filled in with sharpie.
Also, many used ink to paint and fill in their silhouette.  The ink was not for everyone, but some of the kids ❤ed it!


Who Are YOU?


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