Friday, June 16, 2017

Sailing, Takes Me Away!

My 3rd Graders loved painting  these sailboats.  I think they turned out so cool!  Thanks for the great video, Great Artist Mom!
Play beach music, of course.
Kids watch the Great Artist Mom video of How to draw a Sail Boat.  Click HERE for link.
I made the kids draw sailboats with a black oil pastel.
Oh yes.  It was an evil plan so they could not erase!
Then, they painted with watered down tempera paint.  I love to mix up paint and then, water it down for my kiddos.  They love the bright colors.  The watered down tempera is so easy for them to manipulate.
That's it, all!
Have a lookie...👀
"Sailing" by Christopher Cross was never a favorite of mine 😐, but I like it okay.  If your in a nostalgic mood 😖, maybe it will float your boat. ⛵


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