Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Eeeyyaaauuugghhhhh! Eyeballs are Chasing ME!

So, we have all seen the kid art with kids opening their mouths catching snowflakes. 
Here's kids opening their mouths with a different twist.
In this artwork, the kids are screaming as they run from eyeballs.
Drew the face with black oil pastel.
Drew the eyeballs.
Colored the eyes and face with oil pastels.
Sponge painted the background.
Eeeyyaaauuugghhhhh, scary art!


Remember the song "Rollercoaster" by The Ohio Players?  The song has an urban legend that you may or may not remember. If you listen to the song below, around 2:32, you will hear a high-pitched SCREAM.  When I was growing up, it was said to be the voice of an individual being murdered while the tape was rolling.  Also, I remember it being discussed that it was a woman falling to her death riding a rollercoaster.  Who knows, without the
 S   C   R  E  A M, "Love Rollercoaster" may not have made it to #1 in January of 1976. 


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