Monday, February 9, 2015

SoCk It To Me, BaBy-Nike Tie Dyed Socks

Kids love Nike
Kids love Tie Dye
So, why not tie dye Nike socks?

Get a kit from Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
Tulip Brand is great for this activity-Easy, I tell ya.

You will need:

Nike socks
several buckets (label buckets with color)
several rubber bands 
a tarp is awesome
gallon plastic bags
big sharpies
rubber gloves for the tie dyers
some string and clothespins to string up a line

Kid gets socks and writes name on both socks with big sharpie.
Kid puts rubber bands around the socks.
Kid squirts dye on the socks.
Kid puts the socks in a plastic bag.
Tie Dye Boss gets all the bags and lets them soak overnight.
Tie Dye Boss removes socks and carefully cuts rubber bands off of socks.

Tie Dye Boss hangs the socks to dry, like this.

Then, Tie Dye Boss washes and dries the socks.

Need a video?
Here you go-6 minutes long

SOcK it to ME, Baby!

Even Tricky Dick says it:


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