Saturday, November 5, 2011

What does Starry Night Studios, Brain Injury Association of Florida & The Creative Pool all have in common?

Well, what they all have in common is this amazing painting below!

As an art educator, it is important for all students, parent, faculty and staff to realize that we use art in EVERDAY life! Really, think about are a few examples that I share with students of how art is everywhere....
Just a typical conversation as I walk around my classroom and monitor might be...
Yep - art is on the dishes you use at home, the clothes you are wearing, the house you live in here in Tallahassee. Someone had to have creative idea to formulate a product for us to buy. Think about it for a minute! Things that make ya go hummmm. This is such a good conversation "getter" as you will hear the kids stating, "She has a point." These types of conversations have led to the web. Then onto pages like NIKEiD of even one of my favorite places to go Oh yeah, we recently blogged about creating your own T-Shirts...check it out!
Ok, so my kindred spirit and good friend Kathleen Carter (view previous post on her here) Sent me this wonderful painting this morning. We felt it was a must to blog about out here in cyber space for all of you artsy fartsy readers. A picture whether it be of a painting or just a photograph is worth a 1000 words. Don't ya agree?

Would you like to learn more about The Brain Injury Association of Tallahassee? If so, click here to read previous post about one of their successful Jamborees.

This oil painting is going to be made into posters and notecards. What a super gift for someone special. Proceeds support families of brain injury survivors   Any questions please contact, Artist-Kathleen Real Carter, at her e-mail-

Kudos go out to both artist participating on this painiting.
  • Artists- Background Graphics-Charity Myers of The Creative Pool
  • Painting in Oil- Kathleen R. Carter of Starry Night Studio
Happy Saturday, x0x0 1969

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