Thursday, February 10, 2011

Robert Indiana LOVE Hearts Art Project

by karen #1965 third grade teacher so love is in the can't see it...until u make some heart art...then, you can see it...and third graders are all about some concrete u know we had to make it so we could see it and then i had to blog it so u cud see it...i got this idea from this picture at a museum that was about to close and so no one was looking and i had vdf take my picture with a buncha art...check it out...
oh yeah....robert indiaa is the guy...tons of cool wasn't indiana, but he was from indiana, and i guess he liked the name so he just up and changed it to indiana...i could change my name to karen georgia...all the kids would say, "mrs. georgia, where do we put the papers when we are done?" or "mrs. georgia, he cutted in front of me!"...cutted in front of me...don't u love that one?..i just love it to pieces...i can't believe they get so upset about cutting in line...i mean, hey...we are lining up to go to the dang classroom to do social studies on an extra boring lesson and dang if they don't fight about who is gonna be first...i say, "kids, who cares?...i mean am i giving the first person to go in the classroom a dang one hundred dollar bill?"...

so...back to robert indiana...that was robert why did he change his name? is what he some writer for the boston globe got out of robert..."Because in perusing the telephone book of any city in America, you will simply find there are too many Clarks. So, inspired by Tennessee Williams, I chose a better handle."...yeah he said it on June 21, 2009...and the writer asked him this, "You're best known for your LOVE sculpture with the tilted 'O.'  There have been so many reproductions of this iconic image that everyone seems to know it. What do you make of all this?" Robert Indiana said, "There were 333 million Love stamps, and now the post office is ripping me off and producing Love clocks, Love dishes, cups, and saucers -- all made in China, of course. The Love clocks are fun, and I have a couple. They keep good time. I'm afraid I'm haunted by that image. It's been used badly for a long time...."

remember the stamp?...well, i found the stamp made into a clock...check out the price of the stamp...8 cents...yeppers...the price was 8 cents...but we complain cause it costs 44 cents...but really u use stamps much?...cause i mean when u think about is easier in 2011 than it was in 1973 when that 8 cent stamp was issued...we email for free...u know...snail mail is like words arriving at your house in a time you get a letter, you should send an email and thank the person for spending 44 cents on here is the infamous stamp...wall clock costs about $40.00! is your art activity...cause that is what this blog is about this little video from YouTube IMA moves Robert's art out of the museum ...and do this art activity...straws and paint..

oopsy on the $45 jacket...acrylic, washable?...aghhh, yeah...sure, mama!
mama's do not always love me!

💙, 1965

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