Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole

Ok, I ran across this on another blog that I surf...Shona Cole.  She has some super cool ideas. Check her out when you get a chance! You can purchase her book at Amazon with this link here.

In the review of the book on Amazon this is what I found~

Are you a busy Momma who loves art but can never fit it in? When you have kids to feed and errands to run, finding the time to create meaningful art can be difficult. In The Artistic Mother, Shona Cole, mother of five and mixed media artist to boot, helps you make the time and space in your life for your artistic passion while incorporating your love for your children into your art. Shona guides you through the Artist’s Workshop, a 12-week course that includes step-by-step instructions for making artwork inspired by your children. You’ll also be introduced to seven other artistic mothers from whom you can draw inspiration and encouragement.

Discover within the pages:
  • The Artist’s Workshop, a 12-week art course that teaches you how to bring creativity back into your life
  • Step-by-step instructions for more than 12 finished art pieces celebrating motherhood and family
  • A weekly action plan to help you make the best use of your time
  • Artist Spotlights that introduce you to 7 inspiring artist-mommas
  • Tips on creating time and space in your life for your art
  • A beginner’s guide to each of three much-loved arts: poetry, photography and mixed media
  • Don’t go another day without bringing together your two passions: motherhood and art!
About the Author
Shona Cole is a mixed media artist and photographer, as well as an artist-on-call for Stampington. She is currently working on a poetry book and has been published in numerous Stampington publications.

This is the first post that I have done for someone else...click here if you would like a chance to win a free copy of the book.

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