Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Peek-A Boo Color Wheel

Here is what happens when you have kids make a color wheel and you just decide to push the project a little bit further.  Not bad, huh?  If you look, you can see the color wheel peeking through the silver paint. 
I had my 6th Graders do a color wheel in the tie dye fashion.  I liked the project, but I just felt like there could be more.  Then, I ran across Michelle East's cool project here and I knew my project was going to change for the better.

1-Use thick paper (like watercolor) and thick acrylic paint
2-Make the color wheel tie dye
3-Let the color wheel dry
4-Drizzle Gel Soap on painting, but not entire painting (do not let dry)
5-Go outside and spray paint the color you like over the entire painting (do not let dry)
6-Go hose down your artwork
7-As you hose down your art, lightly rub around the painting
8-Let dry on drying rack

Whalaa!  Here is the final product.  We did this project during the last week of school and it was a huge success.  Everyone was amazed at the results. 

Big Thanks to Michelle East from Create Art with Me for the fabulous post!  Check her out sometime, you can always find her on the corner of bom-diggity and awesomeness.

Since I took a chance on the project by Michelle East (just kidding), I thought it would be fitting to include this song on the post by Abba.
Here's Abba with "Take a Chance on ME."

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