Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, March 11, 2010

old goldie goes silver and a great-grandmother named muer and wonder woman

by karen #1965 3rd grade teacher so you see i had this old mirror of me and #1969s great-grandmother.well.i didn't just love was gold and i am not big on is the ugly.
i took the mirror off the mirror.
i put it on a tarp.i just love tarps.tarps are really cool...especially with paint splattered on them.i mean, if you don't have a tarp...go to ace hardware and get one.admit it.the mirror is so ugly your great-grandmama wouldn't have it in her house.but, mine did.anyway.i have had it awhile in MY HOUSE.and of course, my mind started clicking trying to decide how me and old goldie up there could live together.and...i thought a little powder and a little paint will make the mirror what she ain't...but...2 be honest, a little powder was not involved...but in the end of this post, a little powderFINGER the band is involved...

now let me tell you about muer, me and 1969's great-grandmother... (say it so it rhymes with duh)...muer was a real prim and proper lady...i mean...she called napkins doilies...fine china toting lady she only at davison's department store in atlanta kind of lady...she lived in a place called rupert, georgia...and we called it the rupert it wasn't a don't go thinking we were the like the gates family cause we dang sure weren't...but it was a typical southern home..(we named our pomeranian rupert...side story, ok?...and one time mama could not find rupert.she was looking everywhere for a couple of days.and then, my daddy went out into the garage to get something and found all rupert just hanging out and chilling...somehow he had got locked in the garage...probably a chevy chase daddy moment) and all the time, muer would call us late in the afternoon and tell us to look at the sunset.her home sat on a hill and she had a great view of the sunset.well, we told her and told her and told her that we lived in a flat area with tons of houses sitting around and we did not have a good view for the sunset...and to be honest...we didn't give a chi-omega hoot about a sunset in the 1970s...she never did get the sunset thing...the phone would ring around sunset and we would know it was muer...we didn't need caller anyway...kinda a side story...i paint weird stuff...and i live in a small town in georgia...and well...i used to sign my art "muer"...i guess i did this because my art is weird and well i just thought it would be easier to be muer the painter in a small town than #1965 karen the painter....well now...i am older...and i don't really i just sign my name and put a yellow smiley face on it the color of a sunset if i am in a good mood...

anyway.i spray painted that sucker silver and then splatter painted that joker...with my daughter's help...

and then hung that sucker up...very slowly cause i sometime mess things up cause i get in a hurry.

now i have got a bone to pick with you see, our great-grandmother, muer, asked me and my sister when we were young what we wanted when she passed away...well, we had the choice of her beautiful diamond ring or a fake gold bracelet with fake gems...sister #1969 got the diamond ring...i reckon cause i was a tomboy and didn't give a flip about rings....and i got the dang gold bracelet cause it looked like something wonder woman would wear when she was fighting off bullets...and i liked wonder woman's bracelets and bracelets in general...don't you?

funny to me...check out wonder women's bracelets...they are SILVER!...LOL!

well one more thing about muer for today...she always had a candy jar...and in the candy jar she had these yummy orange slices...

get some of these sometime and try preacher loves them.she chased me around the room to get some when i was teaching Bible school.

muer passed away in the 1970s...but her and the sunset thing carries my parents watch the sunset everyday at their lake house...and i love to go to sunset rock in highlands,nc, to watch the sun fall down behind the mountains...

make time for the sunsets...and if you some music while you watch the sun (which is 93 million miles away from us) this song is a good song to listen to while sunset watching....watching the sunset, sunset, sunset, sunset, over the beaches, beaches, beaches, beaches (powderfinger, 2003) told you i would get the powder in this of little faith!..........happy march 11, 2010!

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