Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ken Pease - Visiting Artist

It is me 1969, I thought I would do a post today on how important it is to have professional artist visit your classroom. Last year, our school was blessed with having Ken Pease come to visit and stay with us for a whole morning talking to several grade levels. He was just AWESOME! My students still talk about him. They tell me when they have had a “PEASE ART” sighting around Tally. If you are from Tallahassee, you can see several of his originals that are for sale at one of my favorite restaurants here in town – KOOL BEANZ CAFE. (yummy) I met Ken at a Lemoyne Museum Art Auction last fall. I am so glad I did. I did a unit study of his work. He loaned me some originals and a way cool DVD that I played for the kids. Then we discussed his art and tried to create our own paintings in his style. Oh, man….what fun! It was a blast. Upon his visit with us, he drew on a piece of wood and a ceramic plate. Later, the students help paint them. The school sold them at our annual GALA auction / fundraiser. They were a big success. Plus, Ken was able to get lots of goods “PR”. If you go to Artsonia with this link, you will see all of our students work. I have put a few in this post. Enjoy. Be sure to check Ken Pease out on the internet because he was a really great unit to teach. We were able to listen to lots of jazzy…bluesy music while we painted in art class.

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