Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Graduate School has come to an end...It is off to Lousiana Culinary Institute in the is some food for thought! Bye, Memphis and thanks for the memories and life lessons! Hello, Baton Rouge... looking forward to this new adventure!


Back in January a friend posted this on Facebook from the Farm Life page. I took a LoOkSy and saved it for now to post to you 1969's daughter! (aka Mary Frances, "MF", Maffie )
The last time I did a direct post to Mary Frances was long time ago...take a look:

Over the last few years, we have watched you grow leaps and bounds and become a super cool woman that we are proud of beyond measure. You have had your fair share of Ups and Downs - but The best is yet to come.

Ten things I want my kid(s) to know:
1. Happiness is a lot of work. You can’t be lazy or entitled to achieve it.
2. You will make mistakes and they will only define you if you give it that kind of power. If the lesson is learned, the mistake is worth it. It’s your choice whether or not it wins. You are not a prisoner to your past and you are allowed to grow.
3. The world owes you nothing. It does not care who you are, where you come from or what you think you deserve. Everything you achieve will have to come from your own dedication to what you love. It will not be handed to you easily.
4. People do not get to tell you who you are. Make peace with your own soul and give no one the power to tell you that you’re something you’re not. Know who you are and be okay when others do not understand you.
5. Work hard. Never go into anything with half your heart. Respect is earned by how you did the job and not the title by your name.
6. Show up for your people. No matter what has happened, show up. That’s what people will remember about you in the end of all of this.
7. Choose grace for others and for yourself. No one gets it right. You won’t either. Bitterness is the anchor to the soul but grace sets you free.
8. Have fun. Be adventurous. None of us are getting out of this alive so make the time you have count with the people who actually matter.
9. Laugh in the good times and the bad. Your sense of humor and your ability to take a punch will set a strong foundation of stability.
10. Love God! He’s the most consistent thing you’ll ever have!
Ben Gibbons
You know our family speaks in songs and these are a few that remind me of your college years:
You left Tallahassee with fire and grit to tackle college life in 2017
You always came home at Christmas and this was the token movie still is for our family during the holidays! 

I asked MF awhile back what song sums up her college experience. Easter weekend, we were by the pool in Tallahassee and she said the above song.
Yep, Beale Street with Bobo and Elvis with your captain hat =)


No matter what movie nights with Dad always made things better! (Daddy's Girl)
Yep, you know I will always be there for you, Maf...xox Mom

Some weeks were hard...lots of pressure, but you always rallied to the occasion. Held your head high and found your "GRIT" and tackled the day!
You managed to do it all in college from Greek life to college Volleyball. Proud of all that you accomplished!
I do miss seeing your sassy self on the court - it was so much fun to watch you play. We wouldn't trade it for the world.

You get your competitiveness honestly...a double dose from the Cochrans and the Daniels. You also found time to finish your first 1/2 marathon. Always pushing yourself.

I am just glad that you have family to support you at all times. Bobo is the best!
MaC is a trooper! She enjoyed her time in Memphis but is looking forward to Baton Rouge with you ;)
From a parent perspective, the days went by so very slow but the 5 years at Rhodes just flew by. Seems like just yesterday I was taking these photos below.

You know We lost "Ga" while you were in college. She would be so very proud of you. She was a big proponent of Karma. She believed what goes around comes around, so it is always good to be mindful of how you treat others. I miss her everyday. I am glad she taught us to love Jesus and be kind.
Our visit to Baton Rouge was a huge success!

Aunt Karen will like all of the fun places to take photographs!

We were lucky to find an apartment so close too!
Dad...bahahahahahahahahahah Gotta Love Him!
Murray has been a blessing to you in college and I know she will enjoy the new adventure too!

 Love that you are interning at Farm and Fig! Keep sending photos of all that you are creating!

Oh the places you will go!

MF, Be bold, be courageous, be your best...There is no script! Enjoy the adventure and always remember Roots and Wings.
We love you!
Mom and Dad


  1. Well said Mom🥰❣️Gold Stars for “Mommimg”. Congrats to. Mary Frances❣️❣️…and all her supporters❣️

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It does take a village and everyday is an adventure!