Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Sandy's Creations And My Artsy Birthday Cake

Have you ever just met someone and you really liked their vibe? Well, this happened to me with Sandy. Weird how God puts folks in your life and you think....Wow! What a cool person. So, years ago I meet Sandy and then I am invited to a birthday party for her sister Maria. Well, as I am at the party I am checking out the cake that she made her sister. Y'all when I tell you it was one of the coolest cakes I have ever seen I mean it. See Maria below. This cake was not only delicious but it was just a piece of art!

By the way, Maria was turning 21...

So, you see after I tasted this cake...yes - sugar is my weakness. I decided that my Dad had to have one for his birthday! So, I contact Sandy. I place an order and looks like this below. You see my family has been on an emotional roller coaster. You can visit the blog post on my mom here.Mama's Last Sunset and The Fast Pass to Heaven!  We wanted to make my Dad (Bobo) feel special. This cake was so good we were able to share it with his neighbors and friends. Is your mouth watering yet? I drove up with the cake and met my sister and friends for the Georgia State Fair. We all went back to Bobo's to watch the UGA football game, grill hamburgers and celebrate his birthday. Needless to say, everyone is still talking about Sandy's CAKE!!!! That is when, I decided I would do a blog post on this form of Culinary Arts.

These are our life long friends from Taylor County...Yes, we could make a Netflix series from our shenanigans. But, that my friends would be a blog post for later.

Of course, Georgia made the trip! Sandy loves Georgia! This puppy turned 10 on my Dad's Birthday - October 21. So, you better believe we shared a Puppuccino and a taste of Sandy's Cake with her.

Ok, so back to my cake. I turned 52 on October 29. This piece of art was dropped off at my house from Sandy. I was so impressed with her artistic skills that I wanted all of our friends to see her handy work and try to drum up some business for her. Not only is it pretty, but it taste amazing. I do believe my friend Renee has already placed and order for her mom's birthday too! Stay tuned, we might just have to share that creation too!
Oh yeah, did I mention each layer was a different color? Check it out. And it was just so stinkin' pretty!!!

The added details of paint brush and painter's palette were just crazy good craftsmanship. If I were giving Sandy a grade on this as a veteran art teacher of 31 years - she nailed it A+++

Her logo and phone number are below. If you are interested, reach out to her and place an order. The holidays are coming up. 

Sandy, your family is just too good to us. We appreciate each and everyone of you. Like I said in the beginning of this blog post, I am so glad God made our paths cross! Come to think of it, I think our paths crossed because of Renee =) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was extra special and I appreciate the birthday LoVe!

1969 (Kim)

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