Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Bobo's Bowls And The Cochran Sister's Inherited Artsy Fartsy'ness...

So, I am going to take a moment and give a shout out to our Daddi-O - better known as Bobo to many. There aren’t many real superhero’s out in the real world, but lucky for us – we have one as our dad. You are the best.
Classic photo of the 3 of us...I don't know that we have ever taken a photo when we are all looking at the camera. Bobo, where are your Raybans?
From Flea Markets to painted murals - we know on road trips you pack a snack bag and stop if you see something you must take a photograph with. 
You have elevated your pottery skills to a new level.
I remember when you and mom were driving to Griffin, Georgia to take lessons from Mr. Jim. Look how far you have come. Wowzy...

The prayer bowls were my favorite. I think sometimes I need so much prayer that my bowl needs to be big enough for me to just stand in...yaknowwhatimeanbutterbean?
This one was part of my 49th birthday gift...I love LoVe love it.
17 pounds of  clay - most impressive.

We learned the gift of giving handmade "prizes" from you.
Family text at 8:00...we are normally all doing some kind of art!
Thanks for being a great dad and for loving our mom unconditionally. We love you!

Bless your heart, you survived 2 weddings! Whoosh....I am sure at certain times you felt like Steve Martin below in this movie clip. Bahahahahahaha

When you grow up with a juke box in your house you learn to appreciate the artists like James Brown. And, you take value in being able to "dance it out"

Truth...Just do right by folks and things seem to work out.
Ok...most of all thanks for the love of old movies and Elvis Presley. You can see at at 1:03 into this video is where Kim and Karen learned their dance moves. Lady is in yellow on the right side of the screen. Both of us were Chi Omegas that hung out at the Lambda Chi Alpha house at UGA on Milledge Avenue....and boy howdy...did we like to dance on elevated surfaces! (I think we got a double dose of the love of dancing from mom and dad...)

1965 & 1969


  1. I LOVE this . . . and your dad and mom.
    (They were the best of students!!)

    1. Ahhh, thank you kind sir! That is where it all got started. Glad you liked the blog. Bobo is doing great with his wheel throwing!