Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Batik and India Ink

Note:  I would recommend using copy paper.  Thinner paper seems to work better with this project.

1 - Draw a design or free form shapes onto the paper with a pencil.  

2-Then, color in the spaces with oil pastel. MAKE SURE YOU PRESS DOWN HARD WHEN COLORING!  The entire paper must be completely covered without any white showing.

3- Once you have ALL the spaces colored in, you need to OUTLINE all the shapes with a black oil pastel.  Once again, MAKE SURE YOU PRESS DOWN HARD WHEN OUTLINING!  Do not outline with black oil pastel until you are completely finished coloring.  If you do, the black will smear.

4 – Once the paper is completely covered in pastel. it has to be crumbled up.  Make sure you crumple gently, or the paper will tear.  The paper crumple brings tears to the eyes of many students.

5– Uncrumple the work and lay flat.  You can smooth it down on the table with your hand.  GENTLY!
6 – Dilute India ink with water.

7 – Brush the black wash over the entire surface and blot excess

8 -  Lay flat to dry on a piece of construction paper.  If you try to pick up the art, it will tear.

If there are tears when the kids crumple their paper, just play this fun, upbeat song!