Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, December 13, 2021

Middle School Kids Making Art for Folks Receiving Cancer Treatments

The sixth grade art enrichment class were so excited to be involved with this project for a local hospital.  Let me just tell you how this came about!

Brandi, a Westfield parent, asked me could my art students help her out with a project for patients receiving treatments at Atlanta Oncology Associates of Hawkinsville.  Brandi works at this company.  The company does radiation cancer treatments.  These treatments are daily for several weeks at a time.  It is located in Hawkinsville and we have lots of kids that live in Hawkinsville.  

Here's Brandi and her crew standing in front of the treatment machine.  The patient lays on the table and they see the ceiling above them during radiation cancer treatments.                                         
Here's the Hawkinsville Clinic Staff!  💜👇

On another note, the project was super awesome because Brandi's daughter was in my class doing the project.  It was her art enrichment rotation for the 9 weeks.  The kids especially liked doing a project to help "Miss" Brandi with her ceiling tile project for her patients.

Here are some the the kids working!

The kids finished the projects in about a week.  I touched up the projects at the end so they would all flow.  Have a L👀K!

I am so proud of these kids for having such a great attitude while working on the tile project.  To me, they were genuinely excited to do something to help one of "their" moms out.  Parents of these sixth graders, you are doing a good job raising these kids.  These are some sweet kids with big hearts.  

Thanks to Miss Brandi for asking us to do the project!  We all hope that these paintings will trigger  memories about happy things for each patient receiving cancer treatments.

There is so much to think about when looking at these paintings...Grandpa and Grandma's farm....Fishing in a pond...Picnics by the lake...A Rainbow that God threw up at just the right time...Picking flowers for your mom...The Springtime and new growth...

Think Happy Thoughts, folks!  Happy thoughts are good for the soul!  Happy thoughts heal a heart, too!  

💙, 1965

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