Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Policy Sheets - What does yours look like?

What does you Policy Sheet look like? Here is mine below. Take a look. Leave a comment - I would love to know what ideas you have for your own Syllabus. As I start my 3rd 9 week wheel this year, I thought it would be a good idea to reach out ans ask what other Art teachers do for this...

Maclay Middle School Art
Policy Sheet
Teacher: Kim Daniel
Class Description: This Maclay Middle School Art class is a hands-on project-based approach to learning fundamental principles of the visual arts. We will seek to expand your understanding of the elements and principles of art through the use of studio work. The main emphasis of this course is to explore the development of critical thinking skills as they apply to visual aesthetic issues. Class studio work will include instruction on: ceramics, clay, introduction to glass fusing, paper mache’, painting, drawing and many other projects that may spark interests as we differentiate across the elements and principles of art. 

General Objectives:
  • Understanding & utilizing the elements of art
  • Discussing & applying the principles of design
  • Defining vocabulary of the unit of study
  • Producing & designing “hands-on” projects
  • Understanding collaboration and integration of the arts vertically and horizontally in the art curriculum
  • Using & maintaining tools & materials
  • Enhancing a working knowledge of color theory
  • Developing art criticism techniques
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the right brain theory approach to learning
  • Using higher order thinking skills
  • Researching studies in Art History: students will study works of art to understand the kinds of choices artists make & see the connections between their own & other’s works
  • Reflecting  & assessing their work according to personal goals & standards of excellence in the field

    1. Daily readiness for in-class lectures & class demos
    2. Regular attendance in class
    3. Completion of in-class assignments on time
    4. Being a Marauder in Art Class: A Marauder is respectful, honorable, and accountable.

Students and teacher will work together collaboratively to evaluate works of art by using a checklist. I want to establish a non-threatening environment in my classroom that allows every student the chance to succeed. The purpose of my standards-based student self-assessment is to boost academic achievement by helping students understand, apply & internalize the standards by which their work is assessed.
Class Rules:
  • Show up on time
  • Be prepared
  • Do your assignment
  • Respect your own and other’s life space
  • Use materials wisely
  • Clean up your area
  • Have a POSITIVE attitude

You don’t have to be an artist to earn an A in this class. You do have to make your personal best effort to complete each assignment and turn it in when it is due. Following directions, neatness / craftsmanship, cooperation, perseverance, creative thought, participation, attentiveness, time management, achievement rubrics / checklist and appropriate use of materials are the kinds of things I look for when I am grading student’s assignments. This is going to be a FUN class =)
50% = Participation of in Class Assignments, Completion of Art Assignments, Time Management, Class Critiques
50% = Written Work, such as; Rubrics, Test, Checklist
  • Conduct: Conduct grades will follow the Maclay Middle School Conduct protocol as stated in our handbook. Please check my teacher portal for any grading updates.

Please get this Policy Sheet signed by your parent.
I will check this off as your first assignment.

Student Signature

Please print student name

Parent Signature

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