Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Louise Nevelson Meet Johnny Cash

Do you have a junk box?  Well, if you want to do this Louise Nevelson project, you need one.  Who is Louise Nevelson?  
Louise Nevelson emerged in the art world amidst the dominance of the Abstract Expressionist movement. In her most iconic works, she utilized wooden objects that she gathered from urban debris piles to create her monumental installations - a process clearly influenced by the precedent of Marcel Duchamp's found object sculptures and "readymades." Nevelson carefully arranged the objects in order to historicize the debris within the new, narrative context of her wall sculptures. The stories embodied within her works resulted from her cumulative experiences - as a Jewish child relocated to America from Russia, as an artist training in New York City and Germany, and as a hard-working, successful woman. Her innovative sculptural environments and success within the male-dominated realm of the New York gallery system inspired many younger artists, primarily those involved in installation art and the Feminist art movements. (
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For this project, I do get out my box of junk.  The kids ramble through it until they find something that strikes them as usable.  A few kids bring things from home, but the majority just use my stuff.
The base of the project is foam core.
I chopped lots of long and skinny pieces of foam core so the kids could form compartments.  They used the glue gun to form compartments.
Once they had the compartments formed, they began gluing their "things" into the box.
Once the hot gluing process was completed, we had a spray paint day.  The kids sure do love spray paint.  

I just returned from "Art Scouts" in Nashville, Tn.  What is Art Scouts?  Art Scouts is a 2 day camp for art teachers put on by Laura Lohmann Click HERE for Laura's Art Blog, Cassie Stephens Click HERE for Cassie's Art Blog, Ginger Pacer Click HERE for Ginger's Art Blog, and Jennifer Alvarado.  While at Art Scouts, my sis and I went into Nashville and toured.  We found The Johnny Cash museum and fell in love with Johnny all over again.  If you are in Nashville, check out The Johnny Cash Museum. Click HERE for museum information.
Since this project is parts and pieces, I think I will end with Johnny's "One Piece At A Time."


  1. I did a similar version of this project several years ago; thanks for reminding me. I'm especially interested in Nevelson because my grandfather was also a Russian Jewish immigrant artist, and like her, he was involved in the Educational Art Alliance in NYC. When doing research on my grandfather, I came across meeting notes from the Alliance - in attendance were both Nevelson and Grandpa! They were listed in sequence, so I picture them sitting next to each other at the meeting!!

  2. Phyl....Oh my word...That is crazy cool!...Thanks for sharing....You saw the Doors, now this!