Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Graduation Celebrations and ART?

Graduation Celebrations and ART? I don't know how you could have a graduation without art involved. Art is everywhere! From original handmade art pieces to decorations and invitations! Thanks, Callie! This art pieces is perfect for Mary Frances' dorm room!

Bobo got in on the action with throwing pottery for several friends.
Needed some table decorations for a graduation per-gathering for family.
Used some vases found at Dollar Tree with some black rocks to weight them down along with photos and photo booth props.
Snagged some photos off of social media.

Maclay used social media to share all about their graduates.
A little Selfie Action with one of Maffie's favorite high school teachers.
Architecture for those so looked for photos.
Balloons to help celebrate the day!
Cameras of course...but this one had a cool strap from dear hubby (Mr. Left Brain)
Culinary Arts for appetizers.
Look at MaC getting all snazzy with her dishes!
Lots of Bobo hand thrown bowls on the table!

MaC and her tiled tray loaded with food from Black Fig.
Love the size of this bowl.
Post graduation party...back to the culinary arts!
College shirts that show different logos...yet another art form.
Cords and tassel colors that represent specific things.
Family photos to document the day.
Sisters...and Best Friends.

A little music cool painted guitar!
Real music from cousin Rob!
Family photos.
More balloons and a cool Auburn tie!
Hand made ceramic fish dish!
Much love for this photo.
All the Daniels
Our parents...Bobo and GA
More decorations...thanks Mrs. Danford for the flag.
Cool creative gift ideas...thanks Vanessa Zein-Eldin
Maclay School posted one of these for each senior of 2017.
I don't selfie but this was her last day of school.
This was our goody to the Middle school and Upper school teachers one morning to just say, "Thanks!"

The designing of the invitations, thanks Gina for the photo from Blue Canopy Photography and to Vista Print for the design idea.
How we celebrated this class...Katie Cakes with banners made from The Polka Dot Press, thanks Michele Bass for getting all of that organized.
Bitter sweet moment as we move on to the next chapter. The napkins...another form of art and design.
Friends and photo opportunities.
Sweet friends for all of high school. Lots of memories that were yet again celebrated through art.
Homecomings, Sadie Hawkins, Prom and many other events that also cannot be pulled off without art.

More photo booth decorations.
Party City Decorations....with an artsy flair.

Thanks, Nicole Myhre for the ad in the Maclay Yearbook.
Back of the invitations...
Getting excited about Rhodes with a little rock designing.
Google Tallahassee Rocks for more details.
The long awaited senior walk through with their college logos.
Photos from first grade - 12 grade.
Wow, what a ride this has been....the below song was their walk out song.

I do love Corey Smith's songs...this one sums up that whole day of graduation.