Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Monday, October 23, 2017

2nd Grade Popping Painted Paper Penguins

Second Graders do Mr. Popper's Penguins Program each year.  I always try to get the halls decorated with some cool penguin art.  Here is a painted paper penguin project.


The kids used tempera paint and painted a background.
They used spouncers to make snow.
We let the paint dry.
During the next class period, the kids cut paper and glued the cut-outs to the painted paper.

Cute little project for my cute little second graders!

I chased a few penguins and found this song.  I loved  the movie, Happy Feet.  I loved the dancing penguins.  I love dancing.

Here is Leo singing about Dancing.  Throwing it back a few...


Friday, October 20, 2017

Have you ever designed a silk scarf with your kids?

This was a first for me in art club. I think the results are turning out amazing. Have you ever created on silk before? If so, comment below. I would love to see your finished pieces.
It all started with a classroom set.

 Here is the link to order:

 Sax Create-A-Scarf Classroom Program uses the simplest of processes and initiates students to create beautiful and sophisticated-looking silk scarves. There are many sources students may draw on for their designs which can be traced onto the scarf with Sakura IDENTI-pens. Program include twelve 8 x 54 inch silk scarves, five 10-color sets of Crayola Fabric markers, 8 Sakura IDENTI-pens, twelve 6 inch embroidery hoops, a lesson plan guide with step-by-step instructions which are sufficient for 12 students

Other links for ideas on creating silk scarves:

How do you promote your school's art? We started with Maclay Fine Arts on Instagram and Twitter. Give us a look and follow. We would love for you to see our way super cool art!
We just started the Instagram...but are posting stories all the time...drop by and take a looksy
You know me...I searched songs with scarves in the title and BAM - look what I found. Take a listen

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mara Morea Monsters

I ran across Mara Morea Monsters on Etsy at her store art4barewalls (click here).  From, I found the following information about Mara Morea.  LπŸ‘€k!
 i think i have a gift, i've been drawing for as long as i can remember and growing up in communist Romania i didn't have a whole lot of art supplies so i remember licking the paint on the walls in my room to soften it and then scraping true murals with my fingernails. i used to always get in trouble with my teachers at school for biting my fingernails but the truth was they were serving as tools.... they just didn't know and it was my secret. until my parents discovered my creations one day and since then it became a priority for them, as hard as it was financialy to provide me with supplies so that i may keep creating. cool story huh? :) i attended a fine arts highshool in my hometown of Timisoara, Romania and went on to a fine arts university where i achieved a bachelor's degree in graphic design and ambiental design. Thanks for looking! I'm new at this but i will always have new stuff. All my art is original. I use prestreched canvas, high quality primer. All my art is ready to hang. I use canvas that has a gallery or traditional profile, which means there are no staples showing on the sides. I seal every piece of art with lots of coats of varnish and they are so well sealed that FYI i dust the top edge of the ones hanging in my home with lysol wipes. I strive to be different and cool. My 2 year old is the reason i started painting for kids as well as for adults since when i was looking for stuff to decorate his nursery i was surprised not to be able to find cool art for kids rooms. So here i am.
So, there she is and there she was on Etsy.  I just loved her monsters and thought my 2nd graders would also.  I showed pictures of some of Mara Morea's work and the kids took off!  The kids loved that Mara lived in Atlanta, Georgia.  The capital city of our state!

Here is what evolved from showing the kids Mara Morea's artwork.

I hope the 2nd graders art did not scare you too much!  

Ending with the Monster Mash-BOO YOU! 
πŸ‘€  πŸ‘»  πŸ‘€  πŸ‘»  πŸ‘€  πŸ‘»  πŸ‘€  πŸ‘»  πŸ‘€  πŸ‘»


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Scarecrows In The Gardens, We Are Well Represented By Our Maclay Preschool! Pete The Cat Sure Is Rockin'

Shout out to the Maclay School PreK. They did a fabulous job in representing us at the Scarecrow in the Gardens. Pete the Cat sure does ROCK and so does our PreK. Special thanks to Sarah and Stacey for heading up the project. Love the red converse!

Here are other blog post we have written on this subject:

How to find out more information on participating:

So, every time I think of a Scarecrow....I think of The Wizard of OZ. Remember this clip?

Here is a fun video clip about Pete The Cat for those of you who know nothing about him.

I think you sure are a cool cat for stopping by to read the blog! 1969

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Burgers for Your EYES ONLY!

Oh, what a fun project!  The kids had a blast making burgers.  Although they look good enough to eat, they are for your πŸ‘€ ONLY!


The best way to approach this project is piece by piece.  
1-We made the buns.  The kids poked the buns with toothpicks.
2-The kids made the burger.  They used a stencil to put a pattern on the burger.
3-The kids made lettuce.
4-The kids made a tomato.  They pressed their thumbs into the tomato.  The tomatoes looked more like tomatoes with thumb prints.
5-The kids made cheese.
6-The kids made pickles.
7-We let them dry.
8-I fired them.
9-The kids painted with acrylic.

Have a bite!

Back to the 70s with Little Feat and "Hamburger Midnight".