Monday, April 27, 2015

Fusing Glass With Middle School

These are examples of 8th grade fused glass pendants and magnets.
Supplies ordered from Delphi Glass.
Glass kiln was set at R3 - full fuse
All turned out super cool!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Camille and the SUNFLOWERS

Children love books.  Children love Van Gogh (I guess mainly because of the ear dilemma).  Anyway, a great artist to study to learn a little about a very famous man that painted sunflowers.

A Vincent Van Gogh project using:

Camille and the Sunflowers

I showed the video below to my kids on the big screen. 


Draw a sunflower with pencil.
Go over with oil pastels.
Use watercolor to paint.

Bam!  You have a beautiful sunflower painting.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

When you combine an ART lesson with Amedeo Modigliani, Kelly Rae Roberts and Elementary Self Portraits....

A few years ago when teaching Elementary School, I read Kelly Rae Roberts book. You can find our more about here on her website She has some pretty amazingly inspiring art! I was also researching an artist Amedeo Modigliani. You can find more about him at

Then I had an AH-HA Moment....I discussed both artist styles with my students. We drew self-portraits with really long necks. Painted them and then put a spin on our work with cutting out words that described us. I used Kelly Rae Roberts influence here. Some of the words were character traits and others were just descriptions of each person's passion and personality.

Each one of these was a huge success. Loved teaching like this because I was able to get to know my students more by what words they were choosing to put on their paper to represent them =) I think I might update this lesson and teach next year to my 6th graders at Maclay School!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cheers to Doc Marten, Lace, Poolhouse_Band and a Cool 21st Bday Party

My Daughter, Callie, wanted to have a big party on her 21st birthday.
The search for the perfect place to hold the party was sought out by my daughter.  She found the Transmetropolitan in Athens, GA.  The Transmet had an amazing party room upstairs.  

What about food?  Transmet served up some delish pizza for these food deprived UGA college students.


What about entertainment?  Callie's brother has a band.  They are all seniors in high school. The band, Poolhouse, agreed to come to be a part of the celebration.  These guys are easy on the eyes.
Wade Walker

Rob Ray (my son, Callie's bro)

Ben Murphy

Cam Forrester

Poolhouse Band

I ordered a big sign from Staples.  This was a very easy task.  I did all the designing on the computer and sent to the store.  I stopped by on the way to the party and picked up the sign.  The poster was about 2' x 6' and was less than $75.  


Sometimes the creativity just gets stuck in the gray area of your cerebral cortex.  Well, I definitely was having a struggle in my brain with the entire birthday party plan.  Slowly, things evolved (actually VERY slowly). 

I did manage to get a spark of creativity going.  I had been give some old albums from my dad's friend (Thanks, Mr. Barney A. Smith).  I am talking Disco Duck music, folks.  I made these random pics on the computer with people that my daughter enjoys and typed random speech bubbles.  I taped these pictures to the albums (Callie loves albums). This was great because albums will prop anywhere.


The day of the party, I am desperate.  Then, the magical moment happens.  At 11:30 AM, the morning of the party, the creative flow hit me with a big boom and a bam.  I went to the local Party City and Dollar Tree.  I whirled around dumping boas, mustaches, glasses, necklaces, toys, and glow sticks in my buggy.  Also, I grabbed a few balloons.  Balloons are essential to a birthday party.  I purchased a beer mug to be a balloon weight.  I was so glad my right side of brain woke up to help plan the party.  


Here is my daughter rocking some Doc Martens and lace...
Cheers, all-

Poolhouse_Band Jam
performing Ignition (Remix)


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Recycled Soda Cans Made Into Picture Frames Ornaments

Earth Week Recycled Art Lesson
Collect Cans
Use ice pick to pop open can to cut
Use scissors to cut ends off to lay flat
Use die cut machine for shapes
Pop 2 holes in with paper punch
Decorate with beads and wire
Add photo