Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Funky Fish (Maclay Auction)

This FUNKY FISH turned out better that I could have ever imagined!
We used Puffy Paint
Door knobs for the eyes
 Glass Bead for details
A trip to Walmart for Puffy Paint
A trip to Home Depot for hardware...
washers, nails, screws, carpet tacks....
Previously posted on Maclay School's Instagram our middle school kids hard at work on the fish.
First coat of painting after the priming.
*Previously posted on Maclay School's Instagram Account*
Starting the layering of the paint 
We started out with an idea and a blank piece of wood cut into the shape of a fish and just watched the FUNKY FISH evolve.
 Can't wait to see all of the Visual Art Pieces made by our students at the Maclay Auction!
If you have any questions on the process just leave a comment and we can shoot you some details to save you some time in figuring out our process!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kurt Cobain Did Art for the Ears and EYES

When thinking of Kurt Cobain, we usually think "performing arts", because he was lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the rock band known as Nirvana.
After recently visiting the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum in Seattle, I learned that Cobain was also a visual artist.
Here is Kurt in high school working on his art.
He created the illustrations below in Mr. Robert Hunter's art class during his 1984-1985 senior year at Aberdeen's Weatherwax High School.  He had long exhibited a talent for creating visual art and as he delved further into punk rock, he identified with the Reagan-era disenfranchisement that was echoed in much of the underground music he was listening to.  Cobain's creative expressions became more unconventional as he grew older, exhibiting a dark sense of humor and a keen interest in American kitsch and human anatomy, all of which informed the music and lyrics he created in Nirvana. (EMP Museum)
The Ronald Reagan artwork below was known as "Untitled", but was entered in the high school art show in 1984-1985.
Below is Cobain's "A New American Gothic"
The painting above is one that grabs your attention visually and it has a subtle rhythm about it.  In the song below, there is a subdued sound that flows and this sound still moves emotion inside many adults of the Generation X. 
The song was released in 1991, when Kurt 24 years old.  Unfortunately, he died at age

What about Kurt's art teacher, Robert Hunter?  Well, I found this article that was really a cool read.  You can find it at Artspan's Blog.  For the lazy, I have copied below.

So, I was Kurt Cobain’s Highschool Art Teacher…

Kurt Cobain 1984
Kurt Cobain 1984
Abstract artist Robert Hunter writes on his Artspan site, “Art is fun and good for the soul! This is a solid doctrine to live by and helped me through years of teaching thousands of high school students, including Kurt Cobain.”
Hunter was kind enough to answer a few questions about what Cobain was like as a young art student.
1. What grade(s) was Cobain in when you taught him?
Kurt came to Aberdeen High School as a transfer from nearby Montesano. He was enrolled in basic art classes and commercial art Sophomore year and his Junior year. He was to take more art his senior year but dropped out.
Deep Woods I by Robert Hunter
Deep Woods I by Robert Hunter

2. Did he seem to enjoy art? What was his style like?
Kurt loved Art!!! He was a prolific drawer even after he left high school. His style was somewhat of hard-edge realism with a strong cartoonish bent to it. Some of his art work from high school can be viewed at the EMP Museum in Seattle.
3. You say that “Working with young people for almost 27 years left me with some of my most memorable moments; that vital exchange that happens including problem solving, active coaching and counseling, and sharing perspectives on life.” Do you have any memories of teaching Cobain that you can share? 
Kurt was very quiet, for the most part. I enjoyed working with him using the airbrush. He seemed to delight in making colorful “spider” forms by spraying compressed air at blobs of ink. He also had a distinct fetish for drawing Smurfs. He must have drawn hundreds of these, seen attacking each other with spears and bows & arrows.
4. You say, in talking about your own artwork, “Color and how it interacts with line, shapes, texture is of infinite interest to me. While some compositions may start with a graphite or charcoal sketch on canvas, currently I use a ‘free-flow’ pattern of gesso squeeged across the canvas. This prepares the work for the ‘bones’ of the project–suggesting shapes or a certain feel. Next comes the introduction of a dominant color, such as indo-orange, or a sea-foam green.” It’s funny because my brother used to quote the Nirvana line, “Aqua seafoam shame.” Do you remember if this is a color you associated with Cobain, or he particularly enjoyed using?
Most of Kurt’s portfolio was made up of black and white drawings (ink or graphite). The few color pieces he completed were complementary colors, with red/green being favored by him. *Note: The Fender “Jagstang,” made for Kurt, is produced in a sea-foam green.
Windows to the Soul II by Robert Hunter
Windows to the Soul II by Robert Hunter
5. Do you remember any advice you gave Cobain?
Somedays during art class Kurt would provide a running commentary/critique of rock music being played on a local Aberdeen station. His comments could be extremely sarcastic and negative. At times like this I had to remind him of the alternative–no music at all! ( Like many art teachers I used music to facilitate a better environment–I sure didn’t want to turn off the radio!) Over-all Kurt and I had a positive, creative relationship. We both had similar interests: music and art. His skills as a young artist were awesome; he could draw very well, plan and complete original compositions, and explain/articulate his finished drawings / paintings during critique.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Paper Mache' love this!

It is time for our Quarter 2 Mask Making Unit. See below for past post of Mask Making.
Kids sure do love to create with paper mache. So glad that each quarter I do this with 7th grade. Each mask always has a unique 2 are ever the same. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Getting Silly With Seattle Sculptures

Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle was a fun place to visit.  My daughter and I got a little mischievous.  We had a blast being creative and becoming a part of the cool sculptures.  

Hanging on to Calder's Eagle
Smooching the Echo

Saluting the Echo


Borrowing an Eraser from Claes
 Callie & Mom

Pushing on Louise's Art
Pushing on Harder on Louise's Art
Giving Louise some Peace
Hoisting Mark di Suvero's Beam
I'll Huff and I'll Puff, but I Won't Blow Mark di Suvero's Sculpture Down 

Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle.  Here is a piece of Jimi's art.  Yeah, Jimi Hendrix did this cool piece of art.

Here is Jimi singing "Purple Haze".  In this video, he plays the guitar with his teeth. 
Cool stuff.


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkeys not in the STRAW!

What better for a Thanksgiving blog post than a bunch of art from my third grade turkeys?  Third Grade did these turkeys a few weeks ago.  Seriously, they are full of strut.  Look and see for yourself.

Turkey 1
This turkey loves the mountains.  When JB was doing the turkey, he drew a sharpie line across the turkey's face.  What did he do to fix his problem?  He put a baseball cap on the turkey's head.  Is that problem solving or what?  I mean every turkey that hikes across the Appalachian Trail needs a ball cap!
Turkey 2
This turkey knows it is Thanksgiving.  He was in the truck below.  When the truck pulled up to get gas, he jumped out and started running.  He only has three feathers.  They all got caught in the roll-up door on the back of the truck.  Eek!
Turkey 3
The turkey below is in Ireland.  She is looking for the pot of gold.  She found the rainbow, but still no luck finding the gold.

Turkey 4
Do you see how big and fat this turkey is?  Well, he has been skipping his Weight Watchers meetings quite often. 

Turkey 5
AK's "girlie" turkey has on a beautiful red pearl necklace from Tiffany's.  Also, she is pretty stuffed.  She must like the breakfast at Tiffany's, too.

Turkey 6
Flint's turkey is standing on a tree limb.  He is looking for a place to roost high up in the tree.  He thinks that a high spot in the tree will protect him because he heard that Wile E. Coyote has been reading up on turkey hunting.  Turkeys have to watch out for predators. 
Turkey 7
Bree's turkey has small feet like Loretta Lynn.  Loretta wears a size 6!  Loretta loves to hang out with Bree's turkey.  They are btff (best turkey friends forever) because Loretta has small feet just like this turkey.  They can share shoes or sometimes even boots!

Turkey 8
Elle's turkey appears to be confused.  She thinks it is Halloween.  She put on all her orange feathers for the occasion.
Turkey 9
Wow, Daniel's turkey appears to have got into Grandma's eggnog.  Oh my, get that turkey some Alka-Seltzer, a big bottle of Smart Water, maybe a Bloody Mary, and a greazy breakfast.

Turkey 10
Lyla's turkey has been squishing grapes with Lucy.  Look at all the purple tracks on her paper. 
Turkey 11
Kyla's turkey is at the beach.  She told me so. 
The turkeys below are on the beach, too.  After escaping from the turkey farmer, the turkeys enjoy the warm sun and a day at the beach. 
Kyla's turkey is one lucky turkey!
Ending this post with Loretta Lynn and Jack White.  Loretta's singing "I Miss Being Mrs. Tonight."  Look closely, you can see Loretta's small feet.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends-