Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

2 Point Perspective Bird Houses

I found this lesson plan broken down really well on Teachers Pay Teachers with Sparkle Gal's Art Magic. Thank you! I had 2 projects going on at one time. Students who were finishing up a 3D clay lesson and this 2 point perspective. It was a nice lead into another lesson that had visuals already created for me. As, I was needed with finishing up of the clay unit. Nothing like having 2 messy lessons going at once. All worth it as everyone was successful with both units. See below for more details...
Product Description on TPT:
Product Description
My eighth graders really enjoyed this Two Point Perspective drawing this past Fall! Two Point Perspective was new to all of them. By reducing the lesson into steps they all enjoyed successful results. The lesson became even more engaging as the students used chalk and oil pastels to add vibrant color to their drawings. The lesson was enriched by adding instructions on how to shade forms to look 3 dimensional with shaded values or color contrast on each birdhouse. We definitely felt we were taking a risk when we covered our gorgeous drawing with black paint to try out the scratched sgraffito effect. Overall, the students were pleased with the outcome the sgraffito effect created. Beautiful textural drawings now adorn our hallways...and the students are enjoying compliments and praise for their lovely artworks !

This 36 page, PDF product is jammed packed with great teaching materials to make this fun and easy for you to teach!
-6 Page lesson plan with CORE standards, vocabulary and -examples
-9 Page illustrated step-by-step PRINTABLE handouts to make it easy to teach the steps and to provide to students as a learning support (and to catch up absent students)
-3 related Sketchbook activities (or handy sub plan lessons)
- Art History enriched Two Point Perspective PowerPoint!
-Grading Rubric ready to go!

Two Point Perspective Oil Pastel Birdhouse Drawings with Sgraffito !
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Monday, September 17, 2018

Funky Graffiti Fun with Thierry Noir

I started of the year with 7th Grade doing Thierry Noir.  I presented a little history of Noir and his interaction with The Berlin Wall.  For more Thierry Noir posts, Click HERE!

The Project:
I told their kids to put their twist on their Thierry Noir project.  
They drew.
They painted with acrylic.
Easy start to get back in the groove and great results!

Thierry Noir could make any town look funky.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Overlapping Monsters

This lesson was a great way to teach Overlapping and touch on the Elements of Art. Each student that created one was successful. I did this lesson at the end of last year to close out the last 9 weeks wheel session. The students had a blast with it. The packet / bundle was an awesome resource for this lesson. Thanks, Ms Artastic from Teachers Pay Teachers.
The facial features and the emotions are on point.

Give this lesson a try...

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thierry Noir with Middle School

My 6th Graders loved learning about Thierry Noir.  They found the history of The Berlin Wall quite fascinating.  By combing Art and History, the students saw the true picture of how art impacts lives.

I showed bits and pieces of the following videos.

The kids drew some Thierry Noir.
The kids painted some Thierry Noir.

For more Thierry Noir Art Projects at 2 Soul Sisters Click HERE!

Here's a song about Walls...


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

8th Grade at Maclay Middle School - Wall of Discovery

This was a great way to WELCOME parents to our back to school night. Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Coburn created this collaborative piece of art with our 8th grade students. Check it out below!

What was the lesson? Check out the explanation below.
This is a great way to approach middle school kids collaborating.