Friday, December 9, 2016

Changing Hot Glue Into Stained Glass for Christmas

Ever used hot glue, let it cool, then colored it with sharpie?  Well, we did.  I read somewhere online (I wish I could find the source) that you could use hot glue like black Elmer's glue.  We gave it a try and Wa-lah!  Have a look at the middle school project.


I talked a little about Romero Britto.  I showed some of his work.  We have posted on Romero Britto in the past.  Click HERE to see previous Romero Britto posts

I told the kids that the work would be displayed in the hall during Christmas.

The kids drew with pencil their plan for the project.

The kids hot glued all over the pencil marks.

The kids used a black sharpie and colored over hot glue.

The kids painted with acrylic.

The kids colored back over hot glue with sharpie to touch up.

Check these cool projects out!

Classic Christmas song by Coldplay
L O V E Coldplay


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fused Glass Ornaments (Middle School)

We have blogged before on fused glass with middle school kids:

How to organize glass:
have kids cut and score 
Then place the glass piece on a piece of mat board
Write name under it
When I load in kiln, I give it a number so I can remember where to place it when firing is complete.
Place on kiln shelf with kiln wash.
Fire at full fuse R3.
Take out and clean edges up with glass grinder.
Be sure to use a sponge and clean off kiln wash from the back.
Hot water works best.
Use the high fire kiln wire to add ribbon in for hanging on a tree or where ever one sees fit in their home.

When I add high fire kiln wire, I use Elmer's Glue and place another piece of glass over it so it will fuse to the glass itself.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ornaments Too Big for a Tree!

First Grade made these very large ornaments.  I think this is one of their favorite projects so far this year. 

I traced the round part on the bottom of a stool that had fallen off one of the art room stools. (oh yeah, we can make art using anything) 
I drew a square on the top of the traced circle.
I traced and cut out 16 ornaments.

I laid out the 16 ornaments on the table.
The kids used sponges and dabbed the sponges into tempera cakes and painted the entire ornament ONE COLOR.
Then, they used liquid tempera and dabbed with spouncer sponges on the ornament.

Lastly, we painted silver across the top of ornaments.

and we were done!

Have a look!

When we were done, the kids were so excited that they had paint all over their hands.  They wanted to get a picture with their rainbow colored hands.  Unfortunately, we did not because the teacher's hands were rainbow painted and picture taking was not an option.  So folks, just use your imagination.  

Rolling Stones singing "Just my Imagination."


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Do It Yourself, Post It Note Book

We have posted on this before as this is a unit that I am teaching each quarter on our enrichment wheel in Middle School Art:
It looks hard but is simply very easy!
You can use Origami paper or wrapping paper for cool book cover designs.
Check out the Youtube links below.
Several students made their books into flip books.
One student made a larger one at home to illustrate his book report.
Everyone was successful.
Have you ever done a book making unit in your class? If not, what are you waiting for?
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