Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Alcohol Ink and Silver Washers

It is quite fun when you can use things from your local hardware aisle for art projects. These are plain silver washers. We drilled a whole in them and used alcohol ink to dye them to create a pendant or necklace. Once the piece was finished we attached a jump ring for completion.

Is the process messy, yes! Did the kids like doing it, YES! The more they did the more intricate the designs became. I purchased the kit from Hobby Lobby. Have you ever worked with these? If not, make time this will love it! The results are way cool.

Here is an example of how the inks can be used.

Nothing to do with this lesson...I just really like this song about like I like working with Alcohol Inks. Hope you all have a good one! 1969

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Art Fairy Sprinkles Rocks, Not Fairy Dust!

The area that the art fairy sprinkled her fairy dust at Westfield was where the teachers sit during recess.  The area that the teachers sit is also known as teacher territory.

First, the kids painted a lot of rocks.  The art fairy saw the rocks in Mrs. Ray's room.  Mrs. Ray did not appear to have a plan, but the art fairy did.
  So one sunny Saturday, the art fairy began her project.  She painted the benches pretty colors.  One bench was in the style of Keith Haring.  The other bench was in the style of James Rizzi.  

Have a look!

The Art Fairy liked the painted benches, but there was still something missing.  She decided to get the rocks that the kids had painted and put around the roots between the benches.
She cleaned up the area real good.
Then, she began putting the rocks down in the dirt.
Once the rocks were down, she sprinkled polymeric sand.  Then, she lightly blew the polymeric sand off the rocks with a blower.  To finish the project, she wet the rocks and polymeric sand with water.
Have a look at what a little fairy dust will do!
I love this song.  


Monday, August 21, 2017

Balloon Sculptures

Have you ever had a student come in and they wanted to make something that was cool that they had found online. Well, that is just what happened with this lesson. These balloon sculpture lessons are the product of something the student found and wanted to make, so we went with it!

First we needed balloons and we needed to make some glue flour paste. The visuals are pretty self explanatory. We used thread for several and then went back to basic tissue paper and the flour / glue paste for the others. The end product was pretty awesome.
First we had to blow up balloons. Make the paste and keep in on all tables.
These were the tissue paper balloons. Love the way the colors turned out.

Working on the thread eggs / balloons.

Have you ever done it? If not, give it a try! 1969

Friday, August 18, 2017

Mama Marion Taught Me to Make a Low Rider Chair

 Ok.  Here is a story for you about the cute splatter paint chair.  

One morning before dawn, I was walking with my friend, Traci.  I see this awesome chair sitting by the road.  I told Traci that I wanted the chair.  She was like, "Are you for real?"  I told her that I could paint it and put it in the classroom.  
So, Traci and I grab an arm and drag the chair about 1/4 mile to my house and leave it in the driveway.  The chair was old and made out of good wood.  Our old arms were hurting by the time we got the chair to my house.
When I was leaving to go to school, I stopped to grab the chair.  I noticed it had a split leg.  The chair was cattywampus.  Oh well, I put it in my car and headed out.
Once I got to school, I decided to put it in my art teacher friend's room.  I thought maybe she might have some thoughts on my find.  She did not. 😒  For a few days, the chair sat in her room.  People were interested in the chair.  I decided to write with a sharpie on the chair.  I wrote things on the chair:
1-Boodie Here ↓
2-Chair Popping a Wheelie where the chair was hiked up with the broken leg
and other things.
School ended.  I took the chair home.  
It sat.
Then one day, I remember that my Mama Marion sawed the legs off one of her dining room table chairs so I could see the TV better in her bedroom.
I got my nice husband to saw the legs off the chair.
I painted the chair with Kilz.
I painted the chair black.
I splattered the chair and put some polka dots on it.
Have a look-

The  chair is perfect for my classroom.  It sits kind of low to the ground, but we all need to park it in a low rider sometime.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Colorful Paper Sculptures

One way I teach sculpture is through this paper lesson. I have the kids take a flat piece of paper and design a free form piece of art using as many of the elements and principles that they can. We used 9x12 white paper and markers. Then I have them cut the piece out and place on another sheet for a background. The cut out piece is manipulated and glued and taped down to make it 3D. Some kids want to design the background sheet for more details.
I normally show the students examples like
This gives them and idea for inspiration.

Lots of resources like this on line to share!

Paper comes in all mediums - folks even sing about Paper Hearts!