Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Kim & Karen 2 Soul Sisters

Thursday, February 3, 2022

The Joy Of Shaking Up eMpathy #ECI2022 (Kim Daniel and Cathy Hicks)


Hey All! Thanks for stopping by to see our "Real Talk" Presentation for FCIS #ECI2022. We are excited to be able to present and share our experiences.

Presenters:  Kim Daniel and Cathy Hicks, Maclay School
Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Grades 1 – 3

Title:  The Joy Of Shaking Up eMpathy
Description:  On your campus, what brings you joy? Let us share with you the way we shake up some sunshine on our campus! At a point in history when humanity feels more fractured than ever, empathy has become a topic of great interest. Empathy allows us to make meaningful connections across diverse experiences and with those who are different than us. Teaching empathy doesn’t need to be a stand-alone lesson, it can be incorporated into all subjects with all people on your campus. Let us share with you how infusing empathy in our school and culture has worked for us. This integrated curriculum theme encompasses a variety of media using the mind, heart, brain breaks and art together. All educators / disciplines can benefit, let us share with you what has worked for us. #attitudecheck #shakeshakeshakethattambourine

Click below for the Power Point Presentation: 

Power Point for The Joy Of Shaking Up eMpathy


Thanks for stopping by, 1969 and Art Teacher Friend - Cathy Hicks
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