Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Penguins at The Disco!

My fourth-grade artists had a blast with this project! Aren't they fun? The first one totally cracks me up! It seems like she believes a Disco is for partying with some grape juice or maybe that is merlot? 

How did this go down?

  • The kids had a super fun time making their penguins dance! We tried some cool dance moves and made sure our arms were in the right spot. It was a blast! Drawing the penguins was easy, but figuring out the arms was a bit tricky.

  • Then, we used a tracer to make a circle for the disco ball. I drew a giant circle on the marker board and showed them how the lines would turn it into a disco ball!

  • To add some pizzazz, the kids used Kwik Stix to color their creations. 


Wine drinker 👇

Just making John Travolta proud and carrying on the disco vibes of the 1970s!

💚, 1965


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