Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Camp Westfield Summer 2023! Sportsy, Artsy, Fitness Fun Camp OR 2 Soul Sisters Art Camp in PERRY, Georgia, USA!

Camp Westfield Summer 2023!

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I will be helping with 2 camps at The Westfield School in Perry, GA.  If you need something to do with kids or grandkids for a few hours in the afternoon, you can sign up for 

Camp 1:  Sportsy, Artsy, Fitness Fun Camp 


Camp 2:  2 Soul Sisters Art Camp

Camp 1:

Sportsy, Artsy, Fitness Fun Camp

You may ask, what the heck kind of camp is Sportsy, Artsy, Fitness Fun Camp?  Well, it is me and my friend, Coach Cheryl, doing sports and art activities.  Coach Cheryl teaches elementary and middle school P.E. at Westfield.  She is the bomb!  Coach Cheryl will have fun games during the camp day for all of us to enjoy!  And what about Mrs. Ray’s Art?  We are going to be doing art with water guns, fly swatters, and soap bubbles!  There will be lots of “hands on” action art!

If you like having fun and getting messy, Coach Cheryl and Mrs. Ray’s camp is the place!

Here’s some examples of possible camp fun:

Sportsy, Artsy, Fitness Fun Camp Details

May 30th (Tuesday) – June 2nd (Friday)

·       1:00pm – 4:00pm

Camp Leaders:

·       Karen Ray

·       Cheryl Peavy

Sporty, Artsy, Fitness Fun Camp $145

Rising: K5 – 6th

Like art? Like sports? Like games? Sporty, Artsy, and Fitness Fun Camp is the place to be! K-Ray and Coach Cheryl will have lots of exciting activities each day! We will have process art activities that will be really messy that Mama will not let you do at your house! Kids will be moving and grooving as they participate in obstacle courses, sports activities, and competitive games. Good fun, good music, and good times will be happening during this week! Bring a snack and a water bottle! Also, do not wear your Sunday best because activities may get a little messy or A LOT MESSY!

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Camp 2:

2 Soul Sisters Art Camp is going to be fun and messy, too!

2 Soul Sisters Art Camp

My sister, Mrs. Daniel, lives in Tallahassee, Florida.  She is an art teacher at Maclay School.  I am the big sister and most of you know that I teach art at The Westfield School in Perry, Ga.  Between the two of us, we have been teaching for 60+ years!

At this camp, you will be doing some awesome art that you can take home and display for everyone to see!  You may even see the sisters have a few squabbles.

Of course, Bertie, my English Cocker Spaniel therapy dog, will join in on the fun!

Look at the possible art fun!  Salt and chalk pastel in glass!  Ceramic Heart Bowls!  Painted Wood Blocks!  Toothpaste Batik!

2 Soul Sisters Art Camp Details

June 5th (Monday) – June 8th (Thursday)

·       1:00pm – 4:00pm

Camp Leaders:

Karen Ray

Kim Daniel

2 Soul Sisters Art Camp $160

Rising: K5 – 6th

Calling all artists, big and small, to a week of art with Mrs. Ray and her sister! Yes, they are both Art Teachers and Sisters! Come join them on a creative journey of hands-on art making! You will listen to great music while enjoying fun art projects all week! You will be amazed at what you have created to take home after a week with these two talented sisters! So, bring those groovy shoes and your artsy moves for a week of artistic fun! Kids need to bring a water bottle and snack! Also, wear clothes that can get a little messy

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💙, 1965 or Mrs. Ray

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