Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Katy Caughran Donated Maclay Alumni Art

We have a fabulously talented Maclay Alum named, Katy Caughran. Have you ever heard of her? You can follow her art on Instagram @katycaughranart and online at the link below. Check her out, you won't be sorry!

“We all are different, and we need to celebrate that idea with pieces that make our soul happy."
​-Katy Caughran

Katy's mom (Marty) works with me. And, she has been a fantastic mentor over the years to LS Art Art Teacher, Cathy Hicks and 1969 (me). So, Cathy and I decided to take this painting and use Shutterfly for  a cool piece of jewelry for Marty's retirement.

Katy Caughran

Katy Caughran is a multimedia artist and educator in Birmingham, Alabama. Her paintings feature natural imagery with flowers, figures, and pasture scenery. She also has a creative and handmade line, Mint & Moon, for small housewares and jewelry using clay, leather and vintage finds.

Katy is not only passionate about her personal creative work, but also invests in the success of her students by nurturing their interests in her professional life.

​Although Katy has always been creatively inclined, her work has grown the most in the last year. She is inspired by human behavior and emotion relating to color, content, and music. Her work is the newest addition to the collection at Liz Lane Gallery in Homewood, Alabama. 

Other places to find Katy's work is at

Thanks Katy for sharing your talents with us. You were a huge inspiration for our school.
Next time you are in town I think that cute little baby needs to head up to the school for it's first Maclay Art Teacher lesson - we re looking forward to it!

We always close with a song...this was a no brainer...she is a painter that lives in Birmingham.

She just had a little girl - enjoy all those Disney Classics!

Just like this groovy sound... take a listen

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