Monday, August 13, 2018

London Street ART!

L👀K at the London Street Art that I SAW!

I went to London this past June and fell in ❤ with the street art!  

The family took a street art tour and it was AWESOME!  The East End and Street Art Tour included history and street art (click HERE for information on tour), so everyone was happy!  Emma, our tour guide, was great!  She had the "inside" scoop and gave us lots of cool stories about the East End of London.  Also, gave us lots of cool art to see!

Have a look!

Of course, we saw the Banksy car! 😊

The authorities had to put plastic over the drips of Banksy paint.  The fans of Banksy were scraping the paint drips off the wall. 😲

According to Emma, this is one the of few pieces of art that Banksy signed.  Once again, plastic has been placed over his signature.

Here is Conor Harrington street art!  Conor is an Irish born street artist living in London.  Click HERE for Conor Harrington website.  

The above is C215.  C215 is a French street artist that has been doing street art for about 20 years.  The above is his daughter when she was young.  For more info on C215, click HERE.

Love these 2 owls by Dscreet.  For an interview with Dscreet, click HERE.

Falco One elephant is so fun!  For more Falco One, click HERE.

Love HUGE's street art!  They look like 3D balloons.  For more on HUGE, click HERE.

More HUGE!
Invader is above!  For more info on Invader, click HERE.

Another Invader.

Jimmy C or James Cochran does some amazing street art.  For more of Jimmy C work, click HERE.

Here is Martin Ron art.  Cool, huh?  A break dancing Royal Guard.  Like Martin Ron, click HERE.

Obey is actually Shepard Fairey, from Charleston, South Carolina.  Now, he lives in California.  For more information on Obey, click Here.  He is pretty major dude.

Otto Schade is one of everybody's favs.  In the area this work is done, it is the same area that Jack the Ripper roamed and killed in East London in the 1800s.  Look closely at the art above and you will see Jack with folks taking cell phone photos while he kills.  Pretty creative and pretty yucky.

This Otto Schade is probably the favorite of most.  ❤  Like?  Click HERE for more on Otto Schade.

Shok-1 is like X-Ray art.  To check out more info on Shok -1, click HERE.

My daughter with Shok-1!

Another Shok-1.

Stik!  I love Stik!  We have posted on Stik in the past.  Click HERE for these posts.  Interested in Stik, click HERE.

ROA!  Love this bird.  So LARGE!  Click  HERE for info on ROA.

The cute dinosaur is by Ronzo.  Pretty cool!  Here's a link to Ronzo (Ronzo Link)

WRDSMTH has some good words!  For more info on WRDSMTH HERE!  

Veronika has little spaceships on the art.  I like these little spaceships.  I wish that I could give you some information on Veronika, but I have none.

More Veronika.

And more Veronika.

And the last Veronika.

I hope you got a little enlightened on street art in London.
Oh yeah, I have one more big piece of street art to show that we saw in downtown Dover.  Have a lookie at Banksy.

Here's a famous song about The White Cliffs of Dover.  It is very slow, but it is legit.  Vera Lynn made it big!


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