Thursday, February 9, 2017

Birds Are Together, but They Have All Lost a Feather!

Oh, no! Our birds are losing their feathers!  

To get this party started, I showed the following video to the first graders.  

Kids drew birds with me giving basic instructions..
Kids added details.
Kids outlined with a sharpie.
Kids painted with tempera paint.
We glued the feathers the color of the bird to the paper.  Kids loved using feathers and thought it was fun to have a feather falling off the bird.  Not every feather was the exact color, but is every feather on a bird the same color?

Cute, huh?
There are 12 birds here.  I do not particularly like even numbers.  I prefer odd numbers, like 3.  Ever heard Bob Marley sing "Three Little Birds?" This video has over 18 million views.  Crazy, huh?


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