Monday, October 17, 2016

Sally King Benedict Art Lesson

We just recently did a lesson on Sally King Benedict. Have you ever heard of her? If not, click link below to find out more:
We learned about Sally and I then showed my students some of her paintings and gave them her biography. I found that information here:

 Sally King Benedict is an abstract artist whose work has quickly caught the eye of critics and collectors alike. Her vibrant and sophisticated work has been featured in various publications across the southeast and has warranted solo shows across the region. She was most recently featured in the August/September issue of Garden & Gun highlighting accomplished southern women.  Sally grew up in Atlanta, frequently traveling and attending art openings, exhibits, and design shows, seeking inspiration from the work of both past and contemporary artists. She completed her education at the College of Charleston in 2007. Sally has the ability to create visual texture with a rich, adventurous color palette and expressive linear techniques.
To learn more about the College of Charleston's Art Department see link
Last year as we were planning for our annual school auction, I had a friend, Morgan,  ask me if I had ever seen as of Benedict's work. I was not familiar with her style but I immediately began to search for information on her starting with Instagram. @sallykingbenedict
Check it out you will be glad you did. It made me want to grab a paint brush and create.
It was interesting the way each student approached this lesson because they are all so unique. We had the same supplies. The same reference resources on Benedict and I am blown away with the finished products. We discussed facial features and using the whole page as well as the elements and principles of art.
Other resources on Sally King Benedict:

This link really allowed us to see the artist that Benedict is
12x18 paper
Assorted Tempera, Watercolor and Acrylic paints
Paint brushes
Water cups
Paper towels 
And a ton of creative juices flowing through your finger tips!
This lesson was so much fun for me and the students. Added bonus we can now show her our Sally King Benedict pieces in her style. I can't wait to tag her on Instagram.

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