Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cool Pete the Cat

Who doesn't like Pete the Cat books?
Well, first grade decided to do a "Cool" Pete this week.  The classroom teachers provide lots of exposure to Pete books.  Kids just love the groovy cat.   
Here is a Pete the Cat book.
Here is James Dean.
OOps.  Wrong James Dean. 
James Dean, the man behind the Pete the Cat is below.  I love his history.  Read it, you will like it. James Dean Bio.  I would definitely say that he was a
product of S.T.E.A.M. style education, but it was not coined until 2006. S.T.E.A.M. link
This was the metallic paper that the kids glued with a glue stick for the eyes.  Yes, I helped them cut it.  It was kind of slippery.  The metallic paper was actually leftover from a homecoming dance.  Does your art department get these fun donations?
Prep Work:
I actually cut a white piece of paper wavy and glued it to a blue piece of paper.  This was huge.  It gave kids a starting point to draw the neck.
Kids drew Pete with a pencil.
Kids outlined Pete with a black oil pastel.
Kids colored Pete with oil pastel.
Kids glued the metallic paper on Pete's sunglasses to make him extra cool.
Kids fought over pompoms and the teacher glued the pompom to the hat.
The kids pounded a circle sponge on the paper to cover up all the oil pastel smears.

Still thinking about Bowie.  Here's Queen and Bowie with "Cool Cat"."


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